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5 December 2009

People don't understand the lure of Facebook or Twitter.   For me Twitter was a place where I could try to be witty in only 140 characters--a challenge!--but Twitter and I really didn't bond all that much.  In contrast, I dearly love Facebook.  So many people seem to have their own style of messsages, called "status updates."   Members of my family post totally incomprehensible updates that mean something to them, but to very few others.  A few examples (and my family includes children and in-laws, so I'm not going to identify anybody.  You Know Who You Are.)

- bird must be omen
- ** is confused.  Good thing I'm not in charge.
- would like to be done with it, already
- ** is a lump of delight
- sad for the opportunities missed when you are busy sitting around
cracking myself up, and wondering who will be the first to get got

But the ones I really love are the ones that the animal people write, relating their animal "situations."  Ashley's are the my favorites, but reading all of the animal lover status updates makes me feel better about our own house.  Here are some recent ones (again, writer(s) unidentified)

- Windy woke up to Mini cleaning her ears - very cute - and then Jesse attacked her as she was getting on the couch - not so cute. Mixed messages here people!!! (followed of course by Jesse's first seizure of the day.

- (and in response to the above status udate):  can't you just wake up to a nice cup of coffee like the rest of us? I think I am going to look into the STUFFED ANIMAL rescue group and see if you can volunteer your life to them instead!

- Rub a dub dub 5 pups in a tub and who do you think is the wettest?

- I currently have a temp. of 98.9.... (and yes I had to buy a new thermometer because all the rest had been used on dogs!)

- The dog keeps trying to bite Jesper Parnevik on the tv. What's she got against the Swede?

- We've got a lot of dog drama here. Chanda came over and Matilda is all over her, practically drooling. Licking the inside of her mouth, just ecstatic with joy. Then she turns around and growls at Cookie.

- So let's just say I bought a heated perch for $100 for the parrot and it looks like I got it at a sex shop and the damn thing is not heating up! Why?

- Demon Puppy has a sore paw. But I've noticed limping ceases outside house, when there are sticks to catch. Con dog.

- Billy has gotten very good at splicing wire; an unexpected advantage of having a puppy in the house. The vacuum cleaner, ethernet, and lamp all work again.

- XX was playing Parcheesi with Billy. We got up to get his tea and the puppy chewed the dice cup (and for a brief moment we thought swallowed the dice). While we were retrieving the dice cup and looking for dice, she managed to drink some of Billy's tea. It doesn't stop. You'd have to be crazy to adopt one of these.

- The other evening I walked away from my drink, pomegranate vodka and juice, and Max, age 14, helped himself... I had a small bout of wondering if Vodka might be toxic to dogs, but apparently not, at least my dog and his cast iron gut!

- Tonight, he did it again when I turned my back for a second! I think he is trying to blame it on old dog senility... he just looks confused when I jump and run at him.. and of course, he is deaf.... this one, I drank anyways... he only got one good slug in, I debated, and figure the alcohol would kill the dog germs... It was my last little shot of the vodka..... and, Bev, I have dogs, because I will laugh at this later... gotta luv them, they certainly love us!

- Thinking I need to make my dog her own personal blanket. She keeps taking mine and its the only type she doesn't chew up.

- Late for work because I couldn't find my glasses. Dog was chewing on them outside.

- If my dog were a real boy? He would be young Marlon Brando Machismo

- wish LJ would stop hiding his bones in my bed!

- why oh why would a dog eat a needle?

- This afternoon, on our after Thanksgiving dinner walk, we saw a toilet in some guy's yard, a dead cow in full rigor, and a used condom. Thanksgiving Day Fail? Or Win?

- My dog mimics ambulance/fire sirens. It's amazing how much it sounds like the real thing. But when it's 1 a.m. I realize it's not so amazing.

- my dog has this odd foot fetish, he just wants to lick my feet...no one else's. Just mine.

Here's a conversation of sorts:

- Mini peed in Windy's bed. So Windy has decided she is sleeping in my bed until I fix this problem. Fun for me.

- Seriously! So what is up with these dogs and the musical-peed-beds. I am thinking: If you are gonna pee a bed, just pee your own, thank you!

- no they wouldnt dare pee in their own bed! That would not tell the other dog they are cooler than them. I'm pretty sure Mini was claiming Windy for his woman. Cause now he spends most of his time licking her ears and cuddling. (what a great way to pick up on someone!!)

One of mine:

- Walt is trying to put in a new flap on the dog door...but discovered one of the puppies ran off with his screwdriver. Now he's out searching for it!

--and people wonder why I enjoy Facebook!


Dogs09Book.jpg (50823 bytes)

The "Dogs of 2009" book arrived today
from Snapfish -- I love making these books!



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