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2 December 2009

Well, not "gone before" ever, but not in a very long time.

This entry is inspired by my constant inspiration, Bozoette Mary, who spent the weekend winterizing the family beach house.  Now you may wonder why that would be an inspiration, since we don't have a beach house.  But in her entry, she and her sister were cleaning out the kitchen and she says, "We were pleasantly surprised when the oldest thing we tossed had an expiration date of 2006 -- we were betting on 2004 or even earlier."

The comment got me to wondering what the oldest thing in my refrigerator is.  It also got me to wondering when was the last time the refrigerator was actually cleaned out.  So, thanks to Mary, I spent a chunk of time cleaning out the refrigerator and commenting on things that might be interesting.  I even made a video about it (and isn't that compelling video?)

My self-imposed challenge was to find something older than 2006 so I could beat Mary.  I think it's safe to say that I succeeded.

There were a lot of pickled "things" in the refrigerator, primarily cloves of garlic.  Big jars with 4 cloves left in them that had been there for years.  I at least equalled Mary's kitchen early on, with this one.

2006.jpg (34757 bytes)

But without going too much farther, I easily beat her with this bottle of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." 

2004.jpg (58145 bytes)

I'm the clear winner.  But I was sure that if I got farther into the depths of the refrigerator I could do even better than that.  And so I could.

2003.jpg (34398 bytes)

I don't even remember what this was (but it's in the garbage now).   But wait...there's more!  Several years ago, when it first came out, I was given a sample can of Red Bull.  I don't drink soft drinks, so it's been sitting in the door of the refrigerator all this time.  How much time?

2002.jpg (32842 bytes)

But then I found the clear winner.  Beat that, Mary!

1998.jpg (51723 bytes)

When I tossed the garlic cloves out, they actually smelled OK, but...over 10 years old was just a tad too long to keep, even for me.

So now I have a nice clean refrigerator and the oldest "sell by" date is at least within the current year!  (Of course that means that unless I wait 10 years to clean the refrigerator again--a distinct possibility--I have no incentive to go hunting for expired food products!)


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