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1 December 2009

First off, go read Steve's recent journal entry for a capsule summary of the reviews for Zero Hour.  (You might also want to check out the latest video, which is little bits from the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show.)

Then, if you are so inclined, you can go and read our 2009 Christmas Letter, that odious thing that I do every year, which includes very little, if anything, newsworthy to regular readers of this journal, but there it is, all in one place for you.  Tom says he wishes there were more pictures of Bri (yes, he's being sarcastic).  My favorite part is the doggie collage.

2009SPCAsm.jpg (107325 bytes)
(larger size in the Christmas letter)

I feel like I've been living with all of these dogs this week because Snapfish was having a half off sale if you got your book in by December 2.   Each year I put together a "Dogs of xxxx" book, which has pictures and brief memories of each dog we have fostered throughout the year.

DogsOf.jpg (48381 bytes)

Walt says that now that I've put together the "Dogs of 2009," we can't take any new fosters until 2010. 

The way things are looking now, on December 1, we will still have Freddie and Dexter here by the end of the year.  I love them both, but they are now becoming magnets.  The only way I can get away from having them plastered to my body at all times is to come here into the office.  As soon as I get up, they are following me and Lord help me if I want to sit down.  I must have both of them in my lap.  They are very happy, whether sleeping or mouth-wrestling.  I am no longer a human being--I've become a big dog bed.

Walt weighed Freddie tonight and he's 28 lbs.  He's really getting too big (and too squirmy) to sleep in my lap all night...but he sure tries.   Last night I decided to sleep on the couch, hoping to get a few uninterrupted hours.  Of course it's impossible to sneak down the hall without Freddie and Dexter immediately waking up and following me.  I let them both up on the couch with me, but just sleeping on my feet, the way all puppies have always done, wasn't enough.   Freddie needed to slither up my back and stretch out along my spine, with his nose in my hair.  Dexter then crawled up on top of Freddie and the three of us slept there for a few hours, piled three-high.  Strange that I woke up at 2 a.m. with a stiff neck.

Night times are so much fun these days!

But you have to laugh at the dogs.  Freddie's newest obsession is grabbing towels and dragging them down the hall to the living room.  This afternoon Dexter discovered that if he was quick, he could sit on the towel and get a ride.

Freddie has also learned how to come in the dog door from the back yard (Dexter hasn't yet), but hasn't figured out that the door goes both ways, so we still have to leave the siding glass door open for him to get out.  Unfortunately he goes out to run, to pick up sticks and to play, but when it's time to relieve himself, he comes in to go to the living room.

That's OK.  The rug is going to be torn up ASAP when the puppies finally find forever homes!


DexFredSleep.jpg (77007 bytes)

Dexter sleeping under Freddie
(both are on top of me, you'll notice!)


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