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16 Aug 2009

I mentioned on Facebook that we were going to "Troutstock" and someone said it sounded like a musical festival with fish.  He was half right.

TSLogo.jpg (63298 bytes)

The parents of Joe Hayes, a talented musician who has played in several bands with our kids, own 3 acres of land in Sebastopol, and the kids decided to hold a music festival.  (With sheep and cows, not fish).  The setting was perfect.  You arrive at the house, walk out into a field filled with several tents (some of the people were spending the night), through some bushes, under an overhang and voila!  There you are at the stage area!

TSStage.jpg (91691 bytes)

There was a stage with all the mics and speakers that you'd expect at a concert.  And there were chairs and bales of hay to sit on and a food table loaded with snacks over on the side.  When the music started there were a couple of opening acts,

TSBarbKC.jpg (85865 bytes)

including one featuring nose flutes.

TSNose.jpg (74279 bytes)

Finally Preoccupied Pipers took the stage (the same musicians, but more of them).  All I'll say is that you have to see the Video of the day!   It would spoil it to describe it.

They played for half an hour or so...

TSBand.jpg (94118 bytes)

...while the grown ups sat and watched and the younger generation watched from a nearby tree.

TSTree.jpg (105362 bytes)

Eventually, a taco truck pulled into the driveway in front of the house and we took a break for dinner.

TSTaco.jpg (85332 bytes)

By the time we got back to the stage, the neighbors' cows had come by to see what all the commotion was about.

TSCows.jpg (101525 bytes)

There was more music to come and I loved sitting back and watch the second generation of Lawsuit kids play together.  They are just like the 2nd generation Pinata kids--they are growing up together.

TSGirls.jpg (90532 bytes)

The two older girls, Clara and Josie, remind me of Jeri and Jenny when they were that age (the younger girl is Fiona, Clara's sister; the dog is Ned & Marta's dog, The Bouncer.)

It started to get cold as the sun started going down and, as nice as the stage area was, there was no lighting to continue the show beyond sunset, so by 8:30 they had played the last song ("The Vegetable Song")

We were back in Davis by 10:30, and found only three dogs.  I guess Fozzy Bear found himself a home today!


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