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4 Aug 2009

We arrived home around 7 p.m. tonight, and found four dogs.   (Actually, Ashley had sent a text message saying there were 4 dogs now).    Since Ashley says that she, too, has four dogs, I am assuming there were 8 here over the weekend.  There are no angry messages from neighbors, so I'm sure Ashley kept them all in line.

In addition to our two, there is Barkley, who was here before we left, and the new one, Fozzy.

Fozzy.jpg (67395 bytes)

I don't know how this cute little guy was not adopted on Saturday, but surely he won't take long to find his home. 

As for Barkley, neutering him has only made him more amorous.   He spent the evening trying to bring a dog bed into my lap so he could hump it.   He got a lot of exercise, since as soon as he finally got it into my lap, I would throw it onto the floor again, but he persisted until I finally got up to come here into my office!

We started our day with the daily trip to Maravilla, to say goodbye to Walt's mother.  We met her in the dining room, where she was finishing up her breakfast.  I noticed how bruised her hand became while she was in the hospital.   She has such thin skin that any little thing makes her bruise.

bruise.jpg (51153 bytes)

Then we got on the road and turned on the second part of the Michael Connelly book we were listening to on the drive down.  I hadn't slept well last night and so I am afraid I missed a lot of the book between Santa Barbara and King City.  I kept waking up and listening to snippets of it, and then falling asleep again, but Walt filled me in on what I'd missed when we stopped for an early dinner in King City.

coffey.jpg (55838 bytes)I don't remember when was the first time we stopped at this place.  I remember being intrigued by the misspelling on the sign, which sticks up high in the sky, towering over a Motel 6, a Chevron station, and a Taco Bell.

Basically, it's just a coffee (or "coffey"!) shop, but it's really a cut above.  The food, while all the usual coffee shop fare, is made fresh and is delicious.  I had a Monterey Burger, with Monterey Jack cheese, avocado and bacon.  Walt had a chicken crossant sandwich, which was so tall, he could hardly get it in his mouth.

I'm sure they must do a lot of business from the surrounding motels, but I've never been in the place when there were more than two other tables filled.   Which always surprises me because it's such a step up from Denny's, for a comparable price.

Diner.jpg (61843 bytes)

I'm still not sure what exactly its name is, however...is it Tabacchi's Family Coffey Shoppe or V's Diner?

It's good to be home and know that I won't be spending tomorrow at Maravilla, but we sure had a good time in Santa Barbara this weekend, whether the day we spent at the wedding, or the fun day we had with Brianna.  Glad to know that we'll see most of those folks at my mother's 90th birthday party next month!



golf.jpg (87866 bytes)

The golf "course" at Maravilla!



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