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17 April 2009

Walt came into my office to glow this afternoon.  He had been watching the puppies -- all four of them -- playing out in the back yard.

"They're so cute," he said.  "All three of them are out there...and so is Gulliver."

I had to laugh.  That's what they look like.  The canine version of Gulliver and the Lilliputians, especially when Lester is lying down and all three puppies are piled on top of her.

Sun1.jpg (78178 bytes)

It's great weather today so they have all been out enjoying the sun.

Sun2.jpg (73010 bytes)

Harry is a real sun bum and loves getting out on the grass and enjoying the warmth.

Sun4.jpg (73354 bytes)

Peach's husband Bob was coming by to bring a neighbor, a woman they have known for 40 years, so recently lost the dog she'd had for 16 years.  She was looking for a small female dog and Bob though she might be interested in Princess.

Sun3.jpg (51113 bytes)

Usually whenever I walk around the house, the puppies are at my feet, following me everywhere, but about 5 minutes before I expected them to arrive, they weren't to be found.  I went outside to look for them and it was so cute...they had been playing in our grape vines (no, we don't raise grapes.  These vines refuse to die and actually forgive us our inattention by supplying us with grapes whenever it is that grapes ripen.)  I looked around the yard and suddenly these little heads popped out from under the leaves and they all started running toward me when they saw me there.

Lois.jpg (45223 bytes)I locked the big dogs outside and let the little ones in and Bob arrived with his friend.  She loved Princess and I ended up running off adoption papers from the SPCA, which you can download from the internet.   She went home to fill them out.  Princess may have a home, if Ashley approves.

I sent Ashley pictures of Bob's friend playing with the puppies and gave her a great recommendation as a pet owner. 

Ashley promised to try to get new skin scrapings off the puppies to make sure they are free of Demodex and to have them spayed, if possible, next week.

So our little Princess may be moving to a new home very soon.   She's such a lovely little puppy.  I think that her new owner (if she is going to be the new owner) will really like her.  But the three pups are such a unit that I'm sure she's going to have some adjustments to make. 

Tomorrow is Cousins Day, so the next entry will be posted late.


Sun5.jpg (103761 bytes)

Lester loves to lie a-basking in the sun too.


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