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7 April 2009

Look at this car:

The Kaiser parking lot is tiny.  It's usually full.  The nearby streets are also clogged with parked cars.  To find a place, you may have to drive around and around, waiting for somebody to leave.

Today my mother had her first post-op appointment with the wound nurse and I dropped her off at the door to the office building and then went to find a place to put the car so that I could be in the exam room with her to get all the instructions, since my mother's memory isn't all that good.

Well, look at this damn driver!  I don't know if it was male or female, but whoever it was parked their damn BMW so that it took up TWO parking slots.  I was so furious I left a note on the car (I wanted to actually ram the side of it, but I didn't) which said "thanks for HOGGING two parking slots."

I'm sure the driver of the vehicle had not one twinge of guilt.  Driving a BMW in Marin County means never having to say you're sorry.

I was in time for the appointment because my mother had forgotten to bring her credit card and couldn't register until I got there.  It had been a real comedy of errors leaving.  She couldn't find the garage door opener and then realized that the thing she had in her hand that she swore was not the garage door opener was, in fact, the garage door opener.

She couldn't find her purse, which had the car keys in it.  We looked everywhere and finally found it in the cupboard where she keeps linens.  She says she never puts her purse there and didn't know why she put it there (though she later did remember why, and it made perfect sense--at the time).

So it was just a comedy of errors getting there and getting parked and registered, but we finally got into the exam room to see Kathy Givens, RNP.

This was the very last photo taken on my camera.  The battery died right after and so I'm here for the next 3-1/2 days with NO camera.  Oh!  Wait a minute!  My MOTHER has a digital camera!  I can use HERS.  He he.  (Quality not as good, but it works...I just checked.)

When Kathy arrived, we learned that the vacuum had not been working for several hours.  Somehow it got turned off while I was home and I didn't think to check it when I got back here yesterday.  But Kathy gave me a demonstration of how to check it, what to check, cautioned about keeping the thing plugged in whenever my mother is going to be in one spot for a long time, and I now know much better what is going on, what to watch for, and how to fix things that if they don't work the way they should.

We came home after the appointment, she trounced me at canasta again (yes, my luck lasted only one day--but it was a great day!) and then I went off to the store to shop.  Out of curiosity, I stopped outside Starbucks, tried logging into the internet on my iTouch and it worked.  I was able to download a new Kindle book.  Without entering the cafe.  Take that, Starbucks!

I have also moved this laptop to a different location in the house here and the internet wifi connection seems to be holding.

We are going to be spending Easter separately. Walt is going to his brother's, I'm coming here to be with my mother, Peach and Bob (like we did last year).  I asked Peach and Bob if they wanted ham or lamb for dinner and volunteered to cook.  They said ham.  I had my mouth all set for lamb, so I picked up a leg of lamb to cook for dinner tonight.  We will have lamb and then I plan to introduce my mother to "24."

Should be an interesting night!!!



I found this cute picture on my mother's camera


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