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3 April 2009

I decided to try to post one more entry before I leave for my mother's tonight.

We're starting "confusion week" today.  I managed to get out (tho I was waiting for a call from a woman whom I want to interview, but fortunately she didn't call while I was waiting).  I picked up the mail that was held while we were in Santa Barbara, which I forgot to get yesterday, and stopped at the supermarket to get baby food.  The puppies are on a new medicine and Ashley says they lap it up if it's mixed with the baby food.  Anything to help Walt get it done effortlessly while I'm away.

I had a text message from him that he was on the train headed to Burbank, and later that he had a ticket on a flight that would get in around 3 p.m.

Later he called to say that he has a meeting to go to here in town at 4 p.m.  I'm still hoping to hear from this woman I need to interview, and also from Jeri, whom I ALSO want to interview for the article I'm writing.

I spent the morning downloading all sorts of stuff that I would use the internet for in writing the article and the two reviews I'll have to write at my mother's.... and hoping that I remembered everything.  I can't see flying over the Starbucks just to check a web page!  I will be at Starbucks once a day to e-mail what I need to e-mail and to post a journal entry--and hope I can do all that within an hour so I'm not gone too long.

It occurred to me just after noon that I also needed to pack clothes.  I have been making arrangements for a multi-day stay as far as all the electronic stuff is concerned, but forgot about the personal stuff!  But then I realized I hadn't UNpacked my suitcase from Santa Barbara and had washed everything just before I left, so that took away the need to re-pack the suitcase.

I heard from Walt that his plane would be in around 3 and so I went out to pick him up, getting a call from Jeri on the way home, since I wanted to interview her for the article I'm doing.  I asked her to call back in about 10 minutes and we did the interview then.

But there are loose ends that I need to somehow wrap up and I don't know that I can do them in the 3 hrs left before we leave for the theatre.  I very much need to get hold of one video and do one interview and I can't seem to do either.

I also very cleverly copied ALL of the files I have on this theatre since 2000 onto my flash drive--and then realized that they are all in WordPerfect format and I'm not sure I will be able to open them on my laptop.  I may just toss in ALL of my program disks rather than figure out where the WordPerfect disk is and install it on the laptop.

These are the thoughts ping-ponging around my head at the moment.   It's not exactly like I'm going to be gone for a week.  i will be home on Sunday to review another show, but then back to San Rafael that night.  It's also not like I"m going to outer mongolia.  I can call lots of people, I can go to Starbucks for internet access (won't someone PLEASE invent a pay-as-you-go wireless modem plan, like they have in England?  By tonight, if possible)

Then Walt just got here and went off to his meeting and I need to show him how to medicate the puppies, since he'll need to do that--or call the SPCA for help with that chore.

Today is ALSO the final day of my second year of taking a photo of myself a day and I wanted to do something memorable for that (along with every thing else).  When I ended year 1, I sort of went out with a bang.

365-1.jpg (88396 bytes)

So I decided that I would end year #2 with a whimper.

365-2.jpg (118490 bytes)

(I'm rather impressed at how genuine this fake crying looks!).   Lord knows how I'll decide to end year 3.

I hope you also noticed (I know Ron did!) that in spite of how long it took me to talk about how frazzled I am, I still managed to get a journal entry posted...WITH photos!  When you are obsessed, you'll find a way, no matter what!


P1040010.jpg (88171 bytes)

The remaining Royal Puppies with Lester


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