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5 September 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is an entry for today.  It's very late this time (for reasons I will explain in tomorrow's entry!)

Our September Cousins Day is now in the bag and we have all gone home wreathed in smiles. 

Our arrival at my mother's was a little later than usual because we stopped to pick up a few things in Vacaville on the way.   This particular Cousins Day was to celebrate my mother's 89th birthday, so Peach and Kathy had ordered an "incredible edible" bouquet for her, a lovely arrangement of fruit.

CDEdible.jpg (119994 bytes)

Since it was so late, we skipped our usual coffee and chit chat and went right to lunch and did the chit-chat over salad and rolls.  It had only been a couple of weeks since our last Cousins Day (the short interval due to wanting to celebrate my mother's birthday), so there wasn't a lot of catching up, other than reports on how the wedding had gone. 

(I had thought ahead to that report. and so for my mother's birthday gift from me, I had a bunch of photos printed and put in an album so we could show Kathy and Peach our favorite moments.)

When lunch was finished, the table was cleared and the cards came out.  We were almost finished with our first game when the phone rang.  My mother answered and it was my new son-in-law asking if we were up for guests.  My mother said "SURE" enthusiastically and asked how soon they'd be there.  He reported that they were just parking in front of her house at that moment, so they were there two minutes later...

CDNewlyweds.jpg (99693 bytes)

...and we got a report on their brief honeymoon and the trip up the coast.  They would be flying out that night, so could only stay a short time, as they had to return their rental car and get to the airport.

Jeri did, however, take time for a little bit of margarita.

CDJerMarg.jpg (95443 bytes)

When they left, we went back to our game.  This was definitely Kathy's Cousins Day.  I won one game.  Peach one won game, and Kathy won about 5 or 6 games.  I knew the first time I picked up my cards for the very first game that this was not going to be my day.  I was right.

But you don't play cards on Cousins day to win money (unless you're my mother, of course), you play for the camaraderie and the more we can hurl invectives at each other, the more fun it is.

We quit playing about the time McCain was giving his boring speech (I fell asleep) and we all were out for the night around 10:30 (except for nightowl Kathy, who was probably up until about 2 a.m. working a puzzle).

This morning we got up and had breakfast--eggs, bacon, English muffins, and a nibble on the incredible edible.

CDBreakfast.jpg (141083 bytes)

And then off for today's adventure, for which you will have to wait for tomorrow's entry.



CDSept.jpg (177897 bytes)



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