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4 September 2008

That I don't like housekeeping comes as no surprise to any regular reader of this journal.  But not only do I not like housekeeping my house, I'm not too fond of housekeeping my computer either.

Today was spent organizing the hard drive and "doing stuff" with the wedding photos and videos.

To my surprise I discovered I only had 1 gigabyte and a bit of free space.  I started out, six years ago with 125 gigabytes and only recently I had about 20 gigabytes.  Clearly it was time to get serious about housecleaning.

(Of course this is housecleaning you can do while sitting down watching television!)

It took all morning to move 7 gigabytes of photos off of my hard drive and onto a stack of CDs.  But it did free up lots of space.  Now I have to clear off videos and I might actually get into double-digit space again.

While I was cleaning, organizing and arranging, I decided not to truncate or excerpt bits from Jeri & Phil's ceremony to fit into Flickr's 1-1/2 minute restriction.  The ceremony, from start to finish, is 16 minutes, so it's even too long for YouTube, so I uploaded it to Blip.  Anybody who would like to see it can follow the link in the left hand column. I'll leave the link up until I've finished posting the last of the shorter clips.

"Anonymous," who read my previous entry about my friend who refused to come to the ceremony because she thought it was "too frivolous" wrote:  Your friend missed a wonderful, moving ceremony. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and smiling from the pure joy I feel from watching this.

That's exactly how I feel.  This was a very meaningful ceremony but even watching it I had to admit that had my friend been there, she probably would have left the first time someone laughed.  There were lots of laughs in the ceremony, which is not to say that they were finding the whole thing funny.  The laughs came out of love and, yes, commitment.

But then my friend also disapproved of Walt's sister's wedding, which was held in a Catholic church, which was conducted by a Catholic priest, but because he invited the bride and groom to share in the consecration of the bread and wine, she pursed her lips tightly and said she was glad she hadn't been there because she would not have approved. 

BeachPic.jpg (116907 bytes)Not sure exactly what would constitute the perfect wedding for her!

But it was her loss.  We had a great day and watching Phil looking like the cat who swallowed the canary all day long was good enough for me!

(Did I mention that at the conclusion of the ceremony the two of them held hands and went racing across the grass and the sand and into the ocean?)

One of the things I did in all of this organization 'n' stuff was to start separating out the videos of the wedding into little clips that I can post to Flickr and here.  (Today's clip is Jeri telling the story of how she happened to get the dress she bought.)

I wonder what I'm doing wrong.  I just discovered a blog site called "No Blogger Left Behind."   For a mere $250, you can take an on-line course for how to write a popular blog.  There's also a 30 minute "Webnar" (I guess that's a seminar on the web), which is valued at $500.

Good grief...I thought you just threw up a blog and wrote stuff.   You know--the "if you write it, they will come" school of blogging.   It seems to have served me well for the past 8-1/2 years.

Tomorrow's entry will be late.  It's Cousins Day again.   Yeah, we just had Cousins Day a couple of weeks ago, but it's my mother's birthday and we wanted to be sure and celebrate.  How often do you have an 89th birthday?



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My mother finally met her great granddaughter



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