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Roy and Craig's Wedding

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14 October 2008

"It's the blushing Party A," laughed one wedding guest as he greeted Craig and congratulated him after the wedding.

It was an event eight years in the making -- not 34 years, like Ellen and Shelly, but no less loving.  Thanks to the Supreme Court decision earlier this year, our friends Roy and Craig were finally able to marry.

It was a lovely ceremony, held on the grounds of the State Capitol

At 4 p.m. precisely ('cause Roy and Craig are show biz kinda people and the show must start on time), the minister for Roy's mother's church walked out, followed by Parties A and B and the photographer.

CRarrival.jpg (51832 bytes)

The ceremony was beautiful, intimate, and meaningful.  They elected to have no music, since Roy is a music director and would have felt the need to be in charge, and they just wanted to concentrate on the ceremony itself. 

CRrings.jpg (48885 bytes)

At the end, when everyone raised their hands in blessing on the couple, I was probably the only one who did not, only because I had a camera in each hand, since I was taking both video and still pictures!

CRblessing.jpg (47648 bytes)

And when it was all over, they were legally married, under the laws of the State of California.  Craig says "this is forever," but I've heard two different opinions--that the marriages which have been performed since June will remain in effect forever, and the other opinion, that they would be invalidaded if Prop 8 passes.  Ellen says she thinks it will have to go to the courts--again.  I had an attorney (the father of a gay daughter who was recently married) tell me that the current marriages will not be affected, by Prop 8 and five minutes later I had a county supervisor tell me that the marriages will be invalidated.

I just hope Craig is right and that even if that hateful proposition passes, the current marriages are marriages until death do they all part!  (But, of course, the issue isn't really the current marriages--it's all those marriages to come...)

Following the ceremony there was a lovely reception at Il Fornaio, a few blocks from the capitol, and a gorgeous (and delicious) cake that had been transported up from Santa Barbara that morning.

CRcake.jpg (42418 bytes)

Some of our favorite people in Davis (and the surrounding area!) were at the reception, and it was very nice to be all together on that happy occasion.  It was just a beautiful, beautiful day and we felt so fortunate to be able to share in Craig and Roy's happiness, and once again thankful that the California Supreme Court did the right thing and acknowledged that equality is for everyone, not just for straight people.


CRportrait.jpg (34156 bytes)

This is a portrait of Craig and Roy that everyone signed.


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