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4 October 2008

It's never dull knowing Ashley.  You never know what you're going to find when you come home at night.

When we started doing this foster dog program for the SPCA and especially when Ashley became the dog sitter for our own dogs, it was easier to just have a house key made for her, so she could come and go whenever she needed to drop off or pick up a dog, or when she was staying here.  She knows she has our permission to come in any time, whether we're here or not.

So I wasn't surprised (actually I had been forwarned) to come home from seeing The Drowsy Chaperone the other night and find that Chico was gone and Chola & Lola were in the cage. 

Chola is about a one year old black dog who may or may not be part chihuahua, part cocker spaniel.  She is very shy, but very sweet.

Lola is her puppy.  Not sure how old, but probably about 8 weeks oldThe people who turned them in to the shelter were given the dog by a neighbor one month ago.   They are going to Mexico so they turned them in to the shelter. 

Ashley asked if I could take them "for a night or two" and she included photos of the dogs, which was decidedly unfair.  :)

Chimi.jpg (52093 bytes)

Cholla.jpg (50515 bytes)

How do you say no to those faces?

Ashley said she would even move Chico, which I felt was a good idea, since Chico doesn't really seem to like other dogs much and I didn't want to have to deal with him and a puppy too (though I'm always sad when a dog leaves and I haven't said my goodbyes).

I tried letting the dogs out of the cage when we got home, but Chola was just too skittish, so, since it was late, just left them there for the night.  I had already decided that having dogs named "Chola and Lola" was just not going to work for me, so the puppy became Chimichanga, or "Chimi" for short. 

(It may be argued that Lola is a FAR more sensible name for a dog than Chimichanga, but it was one of those flashes that I had.  Chola and Chimi.   Works for me.

They are settling in here and Chola is already becoming less skittish and more affectionate.  Chimi is an odd puppy.  They thought she might be blind or deaf, but she obviously responds to sound and can obviously see things.  But she does this odd pacing and circling and she gets herself places and can't get out, perhaps because she can't see clearly.  I've thought she just needs glasses.  Or that perhaps there is some sort of neurological problem.

She is going to see a doggie ophthalmologist this week and we'll know more. Whatever it is isn't life threatening and isn't going to spoil this little girl's love of life or her ability to get around her world, but it would be nice for the adoptive family to know if they have to make special accommodations for her.

I have to admit that I've missed having puppies this size in the house this year.  I suspect Chimi will be adopted quickly, but I'm in no hurry to see her go.

Anybody want to read the wedding "review" for Jeri and Phil?  In case you do, you can find it here.

So...today is October 4.  I know there is something about that date.  Whatever could it be?....

...Oh yeah...that singer/songwriter guy is having a birthday today.  Everybody go to Bonusround on Blogger and leave a note wishing the big guy a happy birthday.


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