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28 November 2008

We left home around 11 and joined the throngs driving somewhere else for Thanksgiving.  Jeri sent a couple of videos while we were on the road and Tom sent a picture of Bri, dressed up for Thanksgiving in Pismo Beach.  I couldn't see any of them because it was so bright, but could see them when we finally got into a darker place again.

We arrived at my mother's in time for lunch.   Peach and Bob were already there with their two dogs, Tess and Sophie.

TGDogs.jpg (40851 bytes)

My mother fixed toasted cheese sandwiches for us, then asked Walt and Bob to open up the heavy table to add a leaf to it, since it's too heavy and she can't do it by herself any more (oh please watch the video!) and then, the cards came out.  A game of 65 was on.  Peach and Bob's daughter, Karen, had her lucky stone with her...

TGStone.jpg (38447 bytes)

...but it didn't help.  Bob was not at all happy when he accidentally discarded a wild card and discovered he had to be the "boob."

TGboob.jpg (32004 bytes)

Walt was the perfect host when Ned and Marta arrived.

TGSnooze.jpg (47650 bytes)

Karen had brought a mountain of hors d'oeuvres for the 8 of us to share.

TGSnacks.jpg (41599 bytes)

Around 5 p.m., Bob carved the turkey

TGCarve.jpg (33064 bytes)

and my mother made the gravy.

TGgravy.jpg (36905 bytes)

The table looked lovely, of course.

TGTable.jpg (38950 bytes)

We went around the table, each saying what we were grateful for (in addition to having everyone at her table, my mother was grateful for Obama.)

TGThanks.jpg (44075 bytes)

And when dinner was over, Bob and Walt cleaned up (with help from Peach), and there was a bit of time to relax before we had to leave for home.

TGNedDad.jpg (38206 bytes)

TGBouncer.jpg (41398 bytes)
(Ned and Marta's dog, Bouncer)

All in all, it was a low-key, but very enjoyable Thanksgiving.   And Jeri texted to say that she saw my video yesterday about "the perfect pie crust" and made it for their own Thanksgiving pies.  She said she thought it was maybe the first recipe Mom had passed along.  I felt good about that!

(More photos on Flicker)


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