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26 November 2008

Since it's Thanksgiving week, I thought I'd do this meme I found on Shannon's blog.

1.  What Are you thankful for this year?

Oh there is so much to be thankful for this year! 

* There is sweet little Bri, now nearly 8 months old. 
* I am grateful that Jeri has married such a wonderful man and that we now have such a perfect complement of terrific son and daughters-in-law.
* We are grateful that Walt's brother and mother survived scary health issues this year, and that my mother made it through the year with only minor problems (compared to last year). 
* I'm grateful that my eye problems will soon be corrected.
* I'm thankful for all most of the foster dogs we've had and very grateful that Nicki seems to be growing and improving every day.
* I'm grateful to friends, near and far, and for the social networking that bring so many of them closer to me, despite distance.
* Last but not least, I'm so very, very grateful that there is a light at the end of that long, dark tunnel, that we are seeing the end of the Bush regime and that the country voted for Barack Obama!

2. What does Thanksgiving mean to you?.

It's a chance to get together with family, give thanks for all the things that we have, and enjoy a meal together.  I like this holiday because there are no expectations of anything other than enjoying one another.   We don't have to do any "Thanksgiving shopping" except for food!!

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday? / your least favorite

My favorite part has always been how much my kids enjoy getting together.  Of course this year, only Ned and Marta will be able to come, so that won't happen...but in previous years, that was the best part.  My least favorite part, now that the kids are grown and married, is having all of us scattered across the country with no chance to get together.

4. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?

Oh...no question.  Mashed!  We rarely have sweet potatoes.  Now, that said, Walt's family recipe for mashed potatoes, passed down from Uncle Ernie to our kids, includes the addition of an egg and lots of pepper to the potatoes which, for me, ruins them.  But I don't need more starchy things to eat, so I just pass on the potatoes and load up on my mother's turkey stuffing instead.

5. Do you own eating pants? Describe.

LOL.  You've seen my picture.  All my pants are eating pants.  I don't have a single pair that don't have elasticized waist and a skosh more room in the seat!

6.  What is your favorite thing to do with the Thanksgiving leftovers?

I love turkey sandwiches on soft white bread with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce added.  But I also have a great simple recipe that my friend DanaRae gave me years ago for Layered Leftover Turkey:

1-1/2 cup turkey
1 cup stuffing
1/2 cup gravy
1/2 cup green veggies
1 cup mashed potatoes
1 Tbsp butter

In casserole, layer turkey, then stuffing, and pour gravy over mixture.  Add veggies.  Spread mashed potatoes over top. (Sprinkle with Cajun seasoning and garlic powder, if desired--I don't).  Cover lightly and freeze.  To serve, dot with butter or margarine, thaw in microwave and bake until piping hot.

(You can also, of course, just bake right away without freezing!)

7.  Who are you most looking forward to seeing?  Least?

I always enjoy it when we have people at the table who aren't there all the time.  So this year my cousin Peach and her husband and daughter are joining us and that will add a different flavor to the day, which will be fun.  There's nobody I'm "least" looking forward to seeing--I love 'em all.  We will be:  My mother, Walt and I, Ned and Marta, Peach, Bob and Karen (and Peach & Bob's puppies).  A good sized, congenial group.

8.  Do you go shopping the day after Thanksgiving?

Bite your tongue!  I wouldn't be caught DEAD at a store at 3 a.m. with a bazillion other bargain-frenzied women!



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