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24 May 2008

(I cannot tell a lie.  I got the idea from Mary, who leads a more interesting life than I do!  But I'll give it a shot anyway.   It may not be a great story, but it's just what happened.)

1.  I went to get myself a bowl of ice cream the other day.  I knew that we hadn't finished off the carton, but it wasn't in the freezer.  Had I left it on the counter?  No.  Had I mistakenly put it back in the refrigerator instead of the freezer?  No, not there either.  It was one of those mysteries of life that I could not solve until I went to heat something up in the microwave...and found a cartoon of very warm, very melted ice cream there.  Oops.

Now, normally I would be very concerned about this, because this is the sort of thing that people do in early Alzheimers.   Keys in the refrigerator, underwear in the silverware drawer, ice cream in the microwave.  But I do put ice cream in the microwave, if it's very hard, and run the machine for 10 seconds.  Obviously I got distracted and never went back for it.  It was 2 days later and definitely time to dump the ice cream!

2.  Walt came home yesterday and let me know that gas at our local gas station had now reached $4.20, with the price across the street $4.18.  Just a couple of days ago, I was looking at a journal entry from May 23, 2001, where I was appalled that the cost of gas had skyrocketed to $2.03.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there would come a day when I would think that price was cheap.

3.  My editor sent an e-mail saying that the Big Editor is looking to start a blogging column and is looking for "reliable bloggers" who might be interested in participating.  Would I be interested?  Well...duhhh!   I started this journal in 2000 because I wanted an exercise to see if I was capable of producing what was essentially a newspaper column a day in case anybody ever was willing to hire me to write one (in the days when I still aspired to be Erma Bombeck).   So we are going to discuss this when things are slower (May-early June is the absolutely busiest time for local news).

4.  I discovered that on June 21, I have both my cousin Peach's 50th wedding anniversary party and Shelly & Ellen's wedding reception and at 11:30 the next morning we have to be in Mendocino, a 6-8 hour drive from here, to scatter my friend Michele's ashes.  How to do all three!  Where's that cloning machine?

Actually, it turns out the anniversary party is at 4, the reception is at 8 and if we leave in pre-dawn hours, we can probably get to Mendocino in time, but it's going to be very tight.

5.  I had not one, but two phone calls on my cell phone today, one from Phil (whom I asked to call so I could hear his ring tone -- the Oompa Loompa song from "Willie Wonka") and one from my friend Mary in Seattle, who has never called me before, but once she found out what her ring tone was going to be ("Eensy Weensy Spider") she decided that it would be fun to try it out.   What fun to have all these identifiers!  I didn't even look at who was calling.  I knew instantly.

6.  The writing group met in a little cafe this week, which had the temperature of a sauna.  I don't know why they didn't have their air conditioning blasting.  To make matters worse, I started out sitting in front of a window with the sun shining in and had sweat dripping down my face and into my eyes.  I finally moved to a different seat, with all four of us huddled around in the shady spot on the table.   Next week we'll meet in the clubhouse of the senior citizen housing complex where two of the women live--it has air conditioning!

7.  After agonizing over how I was going to get dinner prepared for Cousins Day next week when I would have ZERO time to work on it, but managing to find a way to do it anyway, I was reminded that I'm not bringing dinner this time, I'm bringing drinks.  I don't suppose I can pour the tomato-vodka spaghetti sauce over ice and call it a cocktail, can I?

8.  I finally met Jack.  Jack Elton is the son of our friend Jessica.  He's 11 weeks old and we hadn't seen him yet, but we finally ran into him and his mom at the show I reviewed tonight.  What a cutie!  I used my new phone to take a brief video to send to Phil, so he and Jeri can "meet" Jack.

9.  We got a very annoying telemarketing call from someone on the other side of the country trying to smear one of our candidates for State Assembly (a woman I have admired for years).  Under the guise of taking a poll, the caller proceeded to blast the candidate for "not doing anything to improve health care."  I don't know if the caller was aware that County Supervisors can't really effect much change in the national health care system!  We hung up on her.   I later heard from several other people who received the same call and had the same reaction.  Those who were teetering on the edge, not sure which way to vote, said that pushed them in the direction of the candidate they were trying to smear, so it appears the smear campaign had the opposite effect from that desired.

10.  The temperature must have dropped 30 degrees--at least--this week.  It was in the 100s last weekend, and we shivered tonight, sitting at an outdoor performance.  There is snow expected in the Sierras. 

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