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24 March 2008

There was something little and cute hopping down the bunny trail today, but it wasn't Peter Cottontail.  Some folks have Easter bunnies. We had Easter puppies. Even when I leave OUR puppies behind, I can't seem to get away from puppies!

I don't know how long it's going to take before we get back to some sort of predictable routine for family holidays, but it may be a long time. I actually don't know where Ned & Marta spent Easter, but I assume with her family. And I don't know where Tom & Laurel spent THEIR holiday, but I assume with her family (though since that baby is due any. day. now. -- my guesstimate is the 24th, which would be today! -- they may have stayed closer to home. Jeri and Phil were going to be with friends in the Boston area.

It used to be that whenever someone wasn't with the rest of the family, they would call at some point and talk to everyone, but now with the family so scattered, that's impractical.

Walt and I even split up for the holiday. I wanted to be with my mother, she didn't want to be around a lot of strangers, so she and I were going to do a quiet Easter together while Walt went to his brother's with all of his sister-in-law's relatives. As it turned out, Peach and Bob decided to come to my mother's too and the four of us went out for brunch.

BUT, Peach and Bob recently had to have their beloved 18 year old Mollie (a shitzu) put to sleep and the best way to heal a broken heart is to go out and get another puppy. Only they went out and got another TWO puppies.

They are adorable, little fluff balls that reminded me of those net balls that you can get in the drug store these days to work up thick lather when you are taking a shower.  Or chrysanthemums in full bloom.

It is obvious that these two little guys are very much loved and helping to mend Peach and Bob's broken heart very nicely.  It's hard to grieve much when you are housebreaking puppies and trying to keep them from getting into everything!

We left Sophie and Tess in their cage and the four of us went to the Peacock Gap Golf Club for a lovely brunch. We've been there on Easter before and have spent a couple of Mothers Days there too. It's a lovely setting, the food is good, and it's a nice place to feel "special."


And full.

We all waddled out of there an hour or so after we arrived, after having availed ourselves generously of the buffet tables (heck, when you pay that much, you want your money's worth, right!)

(And I didn't get on the treadmill at all today because we left so early and I had so much to do when we got home again! Bad me. I'll have to do double time tomorrow.)

While we had a brunch, Walt was having dinner, so he was going to be quite a bit later picking me up and naturally that gave us time to have several games of 65 and, after Bob quit in a huff because someone, whom modesty prevents me from naming, kept winning all the games, my mother, Peach and I played canasta and, again, modesty prevents me from naming the winner, but I'll just say that I was very glad that I did not protest too hard, before the game, when Peach suggested that we play canasta for money.

Walt finally got there sometime around 8 or so and we drove home, listening to the podcast of Says You on the way home, which was the very best way to end a lovely day.





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