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Santa Barbara Trip #1


12 March 2008

That pretty much describes our whirlwind trip to Santa Barbara:  short and sweet.

As I write this, it is nearly midnight on March 11 and I have miles to go before I sleep.  The day today wasn't particularly extraordinary, so I'll probably include photos from the past 3 days. 

Mostly what we did today was we got up, putzed around the house until Alice Nan called, then met her for coffee at Starbucks.  Then back to the house to finish packing, drove to Maravilla for one last visit with Walt's mother, then off to the beach, to the place where I had lunch a couple of weeks ago, when I was down for the last shower.  We were able to get a table right by the beach and had a tasty lunch.

We knew we would be very early getting into Burbank for our 9:10 p.m. flight, but we weren't prepared to have about 4 hours to kill.  We ended up wandering around Fry's (which is very near the airport), buying a new battery for my camera, and a new remote control for Walt's mother's TV, which, I hope, will make it easier for her to find her channels now, since she can't see the buttons on the remote.

We had a small dinner at the airport and I think the food was "off"...not enough to give us food poisoning but enough for both of us to be feeling very uncomfortable by the time we landed in Sacramento.

So that was our trip...short and sweet.  And here are a few photos I didn't get to post while we were gone:

(Perhaps Tom's favorite present!!!)

Every baby needs her own Snoopy!

OK--everybody say it.  Awwwww...

The paint design in the nursery

While Laurel and I were oohing over tiny garments
Tom and Dad were checking the baby monitor--"guy stuff"!

So, the next time we see all these people, Baby Sykes will have arrived and I'll finally be a grandma.  The latest doctor's report says that she's doing fine and it could be sometime in the next couple of weeks.



We also spent a lot of time with Walt's mother.  She seems to be doing
quite well, though she still gets a little confused at times.
But we were very happy she was able to come to the shower.



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