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Santa Barbara Trip #1


8 March 2008

"Tell ya what," she said.  "In honor of your new granddaughter, I'll play you the song I played to welcome my granddaughter into the world."  The song was "Play with Me" and is lovely.

"She" was Mary Youngblood, the first Native American woman to win a Grammy.  She has now won two, 2006 and 2007.  We ran into her in a Native American shop in Old Sacramento.  Mary was looking at stuff and happened to see a CD with Youngblood's photo on it.  She looked up at the artist sitting behind the counter.  "That's you!" she said.  Mary Youngblood admitted that yes, it was her in the flesh.

She worked in this shop many years ago, and was now back visiting, and also selling her 2 Grammy-award winning CDs.  We chatted with her for a long time, she played "Play With Me," the song she wrote for her granddaughter, from the CD and played flute along with it, a very special moment.  Mary bought the CD and had her autograph it.  I was disappointed that there was only one copy of that particular CD because I would like to have had a copy...just for sentimental reasons, of the impending grandchild birth!

We were nearing what had been a delightful day in Old Sacramento.  We started the day picking up photos at Longs for Mary to put in her scrapbook.  (I will spare Mary the embarrassment of telling what happened when she returned from the store and got into the car to go to Sacramento...but since this goes in her scrapbook, she will have to tell the story to friends who look through it!)

We drove in to Sacramento, parked the car, and started our tour through this Old West section of Sacramento.  We started at my favorite statue, the Pony Express rider.  As I was years ago, Mary was surprised to discover that the Pony Express only operated in this country for 18 months.  We were both surprised to talk with a docent in the Visitor Center and learn that the riders were generally teenagers and that they preferred to hire orphans so that when the riders were killed en route (as many were), they had no families to contend with.  Your government at work caring for its citizens even back in 1860.

When Mary asked the docent for recommendations for lunch, he listed some and we decided that Earl Grey Manor, which offered high tea, sounded the most interesting, so we set off for the restaurant and a leisurely and delightful lunch.

We both ordered the Traditional Afternoon Tea, which started with corn bisque, and then those little tiered trays that contained finger sandwiches, a mushroom tart,  a scone with almond cream and jam, and then a dessert tier with cookies and cake and a perfect pink rose on each.  We ate it all (almost).  Mary also had some Moroccan Mint tea (iced) and I went for Earl Grey.  I'm not a big tea drinker, but I have to admit that this was some of the best tea I've had.

We leisurely wandered in and out of stores, looking, sometimes buying, and, in the case of the Native American shop, spending time chatting with the proprietor and with Mary Youngblood.

We wandered around a little more, while Mary greeted everyone.

Then, going against the recommendation of the docent at the Visitors Center, we decided to skip the Railroad Museum because we were both just too tired.  We piled in the car and came home.

We spent the evening working on our respective records, Mary on her scrapbook and me writing this journal entry.  Tomorrow we will be out of here pretty early because Mary has to get to San Francisco by 11 a.m. to meet her friend, who is hosting the second part of her California trip.

It's been another grand adventure!




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