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29 June 2008

Look who has returned.

Scooby.jpg (37944 bytes)

This is Scooby-Doo, Scrappy's brother.  Apparently his placement didn't work out and he's back again. 

Scrappy has had a difficult time here, because he seems to really be afraid of Walt. He's fine when Walt is gone, but when Walt comes home, he gets all weird again.  He's gotten better, but whenever he sees Walt he barks and barks and barks.  Apparently something happened to these two guys at the hand of a bearded man with glases because Scooby's (failed) new home had a man with a beard who wore glasses and Scooby couldn't warm up to him either (though Scooby seems OK with Walt, now that he is settling in here again).

In any event, he was returned and Scrappy seems very happy to see him.  Interestingly, when the two of them were here, Scooby was the leader and Scrappy was the timid one.  I notice that their roles, at least this first day, seem to be reversed.  Scrappy is much more at home here and Scooby is sometimes slinking around, trying to get his bearings.  He does, however, seem happy to be back with his brother again.

lapful.jpg (50738 bytes)

But Gizmo is the prize winner.  With that high-pitched, sharp bark, she is definitely the most annoying, not matter how cute she is.

profile.jpg (34646 bytes)

(I don't think Sheila is speaking to me!)

Ashley asked if Scooby could stay here "for a day and then we'll re-assess.  Well, heck...we're going to be gone most of next week and Ashley is going to be living here, so the work of having an extra dog will be her problem, not mine!

Today was "beauty shop" day for the puppies.  Before I took Gizmo and Scrappy up to Petco, I gave them both baths (see video).  Gizmo gets baths fairly regularly because of her skin condition, but I had been reluctant to give one to Scrappy, since I didn't want to freak him out, but he actually handled it quite well.

Then, when we picked them up at 4 p.m., Ashley asked me about bringing Scooby home with us.  I feel like I'm walking through a herd of sheep whenever I walk across the room.  But they are all really sweet and I love having them here.  Temporarily.

Tomorrow's entry will be late because we're having our second Pinata Women sleepover.  It will be sad to have it without Michele, but we're determined to stay in closer contact with each other, perhaps because of Michele.  But anyway, I won't be posting until Monday afternoon.


 3dogs.jpg (45624 bytes)

Nothing better on a hot day than 3 lap dogs



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