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27 June 2008

....it's nice to have a man around the house again.  Within the first hour of Walt's return from Santa Barbara, he had the garbage disposal fixed.  It only took a few seconds.  In truth, I knew what the problem was.  It just needed to be cleaned out, but I have these big fat-lady hands and they won't fit down the hole of the garbage disposal.  Walt's hands fit just fine, so once again I have a working garbage disposal. 

If the timing works out right, we'll go dishwasher shopping tomorrow, and maybe he can even figure out the VCR/DVD recording thingy.  (I actually could probably do that myself, but just haven't taken the time to sit and study it.)

annivcard.jpg (39681 bytes)Yes, he managed to actually get back into town while it was still our anniversary.  The sentiment with which we hold these events is obvious from the kinds of cards we give each other.  Walt's to me is over there on the left.   Mine to him was remarkably similar, only it was two old farts partying.

And then there was the romantic "I guess we should go out to dinner, huh?" he said to me.  I was in the process of preparing a romantic anniversary dinner (i.e., I was heating the oven to put to frozen Marie Callendar chicken pot pies in to cook).

Yeah--this just isn't the year for romance, I fear.  Just too much going on.

But we had a lovely dinner at the Thai place which is next door to Walt's old office.  They know him there and the owner, seeing that we were being led to a table for two, took over and moved us to the more spacious table for four.  She brought us tea we didn't order and then after our meal, presented us with complimentary coconut ice cream and banana fritters, without even knowing it was our anniversary.

I, of course (Peggy will love this), distinguished myself by going to divide the ice cream and fritters in half and dropping one of the fritters on the floor.  Not once, but twice.  I told Walt there was a lot more fiber in it from the carpet remnants.  (Of course I ate it!  You don't think I'm going to pass up a free dessert just because it fell on the floor, do you?  I used the 5-second rule.)

We didn't talk much during dinner because Walt had a call from his sister about their mother.  The news is good and not as good, I guess.  She was finally moved to a convalescent hospital today.  Her roommate is actually the woman who lives across the hall from her in the Assisted Living facillity, which I thought was very nice for the two of them until I learned that the roommate is not expected to live.

The "not as good" part is that Alice was exhausted tonight, which worries her daughter, but which seems pretty logical.   She's been essentially in bed for the past two weeks and naturally she's suffering from muscle weakness and it's not surprising that since exhaustion was one of the things that put her in the hospital in the first place, without any significant movement at all for two weeks, the activity of moving from hospital to convalescent hospital (which involved getting dressed) would wear her out.

We're just all hopeful that the fact that she's able to move out of the hospital is a good sign and that her determination to stick around long enough to see Jeri married will keep her going.

But it's nice to have Walt home for a few days.  We both drive back to Santa Barbara for Tom's big BBQ next week, then he will stay down so that his sister can get away for a few days; I'll drive back home alone.   I've been hitting Audible.com for books on tape to listen to in the car!

While he's home we're going to have to make sure that the back fence is secure.  I went to get in the car to go down to the bus station tonight and when I turned around, Scrappy was right behind me.  I was afraid he had managed to squeeze out the back fence.  On further inspection after we came home, I think he just followed me out the door when I thought I had locked him in the house, but I want to make sure he really can't get out the back fence before I trust leaving the dogs in the house again.  It wouldn't surprise me if the thing weren't ready to come loose any day now, with the amount of jumping Lizzie does at it,

After our dinner tonight, I spent time working on the video I took at Ellen and Shelly's reception Saturday night.  The full video is 10 minutes long, and I made a copy for the two of them, but then I cut it down to 3 minutes and 20 seconds to post on YouTube and then cut it again to 1 minute 28 seconds for Flickr (since 1 minute 30 seconds is the maximum length for a Flickr video).

I think you pretty much get the emotion of the event in the You Tube video, so I hope you click on that link and watch it.


This is unbelievable!


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