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25 June 2008

There was so much to say about the wedding reception and the events surrounding scattering Michele's ashes that I never did say much about Peach and Bob's 50th anniversary party, which was sandwiched in between angst about Ellen & Shelly's wedding cake and then their reception itself.

The anniversary party was a Hawaiian theme and I actually managed to unearth a muu muu I bought at Hilo Hattie's on one of our two trips to Hawaii.  I can't remember the last time I wore a dress or a skirt, but after all, this was for Peach and Bob.

muumuu.jpg (80395 bytes)

The party was to start at 4, but I was a little late because of the cake not being picked up until late, but I got there just in time.  Their kids had rented a limousine to pick them up, driving them around Sacramento to all the spots that had been important in their lives and then drop them off at the party.  I arrived just as the limo was pulling up and whipped out my camera.

limo.jpg (55219 bytes)

I don't know how many people were there, but a lot.  There was a "cousins table" that we all gravitated to since we knew each other, but not most of the other guests.

Their son-in-law had put together a nice slide show about their 50 years together.  (The hair part was particularly good, seeing how the styles have changed--radically!-- through the years!)

slideshow.jpg (64527 bytes)

I wasn't able to see the show all that well, for the crowd, so I saw it in a later showing.  A woman sitting near me, whom I didn't know, was determined to let me know that she had known my cousin for a very. long. time.  I think she was a little deflated when I pointed to their wedding photo and showed her that I was in the wedding party.  I explained that I was Peach's cousin.  That kind of ended the "trying to one-up you" part of the interaction!

Their son-in-law is Mexican so this was billed as a "mexican luau," and they had a huge spread of food (so much that when I went to Shelly & Ellen's reception later, with an enormous buffet, I didn't eat a thing because I was so stuffed from the party).

buffet.jpg (60543 bytes)

After food there were heartfelt speeches by all 3 of their kids, and by Bob and Peach too.

I couldn't stay too long because I had to get home, feed the dogs, change my clothes, and get to the wedding reception, but this anniversary party, like the reception, was a real feel-good event and I'm glad that I was able to make it to both parties.

Given my "problems" recently, I made this sign to go on the front seat of the car...and made it home without having to turn around and drive back to get the cameras!

camerasign.jpg (34745 bytes)


Scotts.jpg (91587 bytes)

These are all either cousins or spouses of cousins (and my mother, of course)


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