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26 July 2008

We had the delightful opportunity to have breakfast with Ms. Bri this morning.  Oh and her parents, Ned, and Marta too.

Tom had called me a couple of days ago to say he and Laurel were headed up to Lake Tahoe, Bri's first long trip, and thought they would stop at Ned & Marta's to spend the night and to let Ned finally meet his niece.

So that's what they did.  We were invited to join the group at 7 a.m. for breakfast.  I was up late watching a movie (Freedom Writers, which is excellent, by the way, if you can get past the fact that the fussbudget principal is played by the same actress who played the fussbudget principal Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I saw earlier this month. She even has the same hairdo!). 

Anyway, I was afraid I wouldn't wake up in time, but set the timer on the stove for 6 a.m.  I woke up just an hour later, got up, moved to the recliner, and fell back asleep again, but woke up at a little after 5:30.   I got up and made coffee so Walt would have some when he got up and then checked e-mail to find a message from Tom saying that because Bri had been up so late, they were postponing breakfast until 8.

At least we were on time!

And Bri was in a good mood, blowing bubbles and giving (rare) smiles.  She also modeled the outfit Ned and Marta had given her:

rockstar.jpg (40035 bytes)

(Yeah, it's a bit overexposed,but this was the photo that showed off the "rock star" ensemble the best).

Just as well she has "rock star" gear because this is probably what her life is going to be like for the next 20 years.

paparazzi.jpg (46621 bytes)

She seemed fascinated by Walt's beard.

beard.jpg (44606 bytes)

She was less fascinated with me.

BriMe.jpg (47184 bytes)

Tom and Laurel hit the road right as Bri was falling asleep for her morning nap, and hoped to have an uneventful rest-of-the-trip to the condo at Tahoe.

As for us, we came home and in a couple of hours, Ned drove over here to help Walt move stuff out of the living room (and take it to the dump) to make room for the air conditioning guys who are coming on Wednesday to put in a new heating/air system.   A mere $8,500.  But it hasn't been replaced in 35 years, so it's not surprising that it's time for a new one.

Ned also hooked up our VHS/DVD player so that we can finally record off of the television, or the DVR.  I can FINALLY get all of those news broadcasts that show Shelly and Ellen's wedding off of my DVR. 


BriTShirt.jpg (71094 bytes)

One of my very favorite baby t-shirts!



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