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15 July 2008

Because I know you all want to be up to date on the latest in high tech stuff for your pet, I share with you this web site, which offers everything from "poop freeze," a substance which will turn those loose stools solid for easy pick up, to a bird diaper to save your furniture when your feathered friend decides to fly about the house, to a bubble machine which sends out chicken-scented bubbles for your pooch to chase.  Sixteen expensive products in all.

People do go crazy over stuff for their pets.  Makes me feel better for adding canned food to their kibble because I think it will taste better.

But "poop freeze" doesn't sound like such a bad product either, at the moment.

Since we are committed to replacing the living room carpet with Pergo this year (we missed my target "spring" date and are now aiming for "fall" -- any time after the hot weather finally leaves and before Christmas), I have been less than diligent in keeping the puppies from peeing and/or pooping in the living room and...well...let's just say we aren't entertaining anybody until the new floor is in!

Gizmo has been here just about two months now.  Scrappy and Scooby came here just about three months ago, and have come and gone, but at least one has been here since that time.  I'm reaching the point of hoping that someone soon will fall in love with them and that they will find their forever homes.

It's not that I don't like them.  I love the little guys.  But I find that with all of these long-term placements, there comes a day when I start wondering if anybody has made any request about them.   Especially when I'm picking poop out of the living room carpet or spraying urine cover-up formula into the shag.

I could keep them out of the living room entirely, but Sheila and Lizzie like attacking anybody who walks by from the living room window and I actually enjoy watching the nightly top speed races from the living room to the back fence of the yard and back again.  They do play well together, and with Lizzie.  Tug of war is a popular game, but I haven't been able to get a picture of Lizzie and Scooby playing tug of war with Gizmo as the thing they are tugging.

tugowar.jpg (35115 bytes)

Scooby is the sweetest little dog, but it's going to take someone very patient to bond with him.  For as long as he's been here, he still won't let me pet him on my own terms.  He sleeps in my lap, he jumps up on me when I'm working at my desk or sitting at the kitchen table, but to lean down and pet him...that's a Scooby no-no.  He is still very wary about taking a treat from my hand.  And today I washed my hair and had my head wrapped with a towel and he stood there barking and barking at me.

Neither he nor his brother like men.  All has been very calm around here because Walt has spent so much time in Santa Barbara over the past three months, but now that he's home again, we're back with the barking whenever he appears (Scrappy was more diligent about it than Scooby is, thank goodness).  When we got home this evening, Scooby ran outside and just barely poked his head through the door and wouldn't come in until Walt had gone upstairs.

dogfeet.jpg (44829 bytes)

They always have to be in body contact with me, Scooby in particular.   He will stretch his body out in all directions to make sure that wherever my feet are, he is touching them.  Not bad in cool weather, but when it's pushing triple digits...!

As I said, I do love these little guys, but it's getting to be time for them to find their forever homes.  In the meantime, I may stock up on Poop Freeze, just in case!


tire.jpg (42440 bytes)

This was the spare tire on the back of an RV
that we were following today -- I sure hope he doesn't get a flat!



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