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6 July 2008

Several of our group went to Goleta Beach to chase grunion last night.  Now I've heard of "grunion running" for years, but always thought it was a fictional excuse designed for men to lure women out to dark beaches for purposes of hanky panky.  But no, it's a real thing.  (Check the video of the day to see Joe's daughter, Jocelyn describe the experience.)

Apparently, the grunion swim up on the beach to lay eggs or fertilize the eggs and while they're floundering around, people chase them...

...and then some people actually kiss them (as Norm says, "to get them in the mood")

Then they store them in a cup until they have a lot and then release them back into the ocean.

I'm reading a book, the name of which I've forgotten, about puppy mills and animal cruelty and I dunno...hearing the tales of last night and seeing the pictures, I'm glad I wasn't there.  I can't imagine a fish isn't terrified, running for its life from all these big monsters chasing after them.  I'm just no fun to take to a party.

The fire continues, but we haven't been evacuated.  This picture was taken from the driveway last night.

It looks scarier than it is.  Between the fire and us there is a lot of open space (a golf course).  But it sure makes for some spectacular views.

Today was the day of the scheduled annual BBQ, but because of poor air quality and no time to actually SHOP, we canceled it and instead about a dozen of us went to Moby Dick's on Stearn's Wharf in Santa Barbara.  Decidedly more civilized!

Brianna was adorable, of course,

and in fairly good spirits, thanks to some baby Tylenol and some good teething equipment!

When we finally left, the family stood around doing "Hour Baur", blocking the door to the restaurant.  ("Hour Baur" is the name of their very lengthy goodbyes, which some in-laws handle better than others.  Laurel, in anticipation left before it started.  I chose not to be part of the crowd and wandered around the wharf, watched boats leaving and arriving and finally waited in the car while I made a call to my mother, exchanged several text messages with Jeri -- she said Phil sympathized with me, and read a few chapters of my book.)

When they had FINALLY said good bye, Walt's brother went with us to the convalescent hospital.

Their mother is looking good and vowing to dance at Jeri's wedding.

It's a laid-back evening.  It's still hot in the house and the grunion runners were up until 2 a.m., so they are going to be ready to crash early tonight.



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