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Cousins Day, December 2007


26 January 2008

I'm sure there is going to be more of this stuff, the closer it comes to the release of Rob's book about Schuyler and then after its release.  Today Rob links to an interview that a reporter for D Magazine did, over the telephone, with Schuyler, who answered the questions by herself, using her Big Box of Words.

Taken from Rob's Flickr site.

This is "media day" for me.  Lord knows I spend my fair share and then some goofing off on the computer.  But today I'm actually working and it's fun.

For one thing, my editor asked if I'd be interested in doing a story about an independent film (called Julie, Julie), that is being shot around here.  I said sure.

Well, the information I had sent me to their blog, which contains daily video postings about the preparations for and beginning of shooting of the film.

So my job for today has been watching videos and reading blog entries and trying to contact the guy who is making this film so I can get started on putting some sort of feature article together about it.

I was kind of getting worried because I couldn't reach him and I was thinking I had to have a photographer arranged for this weekend, but fortunately there isn't that much rush, and my editor says to just call him next week.  That's a relief.

I also had to update Dr. G's web site.  He does what amounts to plastic surgery at the business end of a gynecologist's business and he has recently added even more and better procedures.  Each time he adds something new, it comes with photographs which, were they not sent to me by a physician for a gynecology web site, might be suspect if someone should conduct a search of my hard drive. 

I try to make them as "professional" as possible, with cropping, resizing, and adding copyright information directly onto the photo itself, which helps, at least in my own mind's eye, to reduce the effect of a wall of photos of various women's hoohoos in various states of repair!  (While I usually have no qualms about using the proper names for body parts, the use of coy terminology here is to limit the number of hits from people who are searching for more prurient material and nothing purely "medical.") 

But lemme tell you, I get the most interesting e-mail!

Finally, in addition to research on the movie and working on the web site, I am still working on the Morning Stories transcriptions.  I have fallen behind this week, for one reason or another, but I'm trying to get back on track now, and that will take some more sitting at the computer.

So there you have it.  I have hardly moved from the computer today (why should this day be any different?) but this time it's work-related. 

Well, it wasn't all work.  I received notification that there were comments on several of my blog posts (the mirror Blog, Airy Persiflage) by "Geo," who is one of the transcriptionists on the Morning Stories project.  I then checked out (as bloggers do on such occasion) her blog and found a delightful writer who, back in June of 2007, wrote the following song parody, which I absolutely love:

Ha, ha, ha
Ho, ho, ho
And a couple of tra-la-logs
That's how we laugh the day away
In the merry old land of Blog

Chirp, chirp, chirp
And a couple of la-di-dogs.
That's how the peeps go on all day
In the merry old land of Blog

We stay up till twelve
And start to write at one
Have a late night snack
And then at two we're done
Jolly good fun!

Ha, ha, ha
Ho, ho, ho
And a couple of tra-la-logs
That's how we laugh the day away
In the merry old land of Blog

Ha, ha, ha
Ho, ho, ho
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
That's how we laugh the day away
In the merry old land of Blog

Comments here
Girls' lunch there
And a whole lotta kind applause
That's how we keep you young and fair
In the merry old land of Blog

Post, post here
Photos there
And whether you're clear or fogged
That's how we keep you in repair
In the merry old land of Blog

We can make a dimpled smile
Out of a frown

Can you really cheer me up
When I feel down?


Jolly old town!

Spell-check here
Edit there
We are the toughest broads
But wear an air of savoir faire
In the merry old land of Blog

Ha, ha, ha

Ho, ho, ho

Ha, ha, ha, ha


That's how we laugh the day away
In the merry old land of Blog
How we laugh the day away

Ho, ho, ho
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha

In the merry old land of Blog

I was also asked to spread the word about this journal entry:
for-children-lost-an-appeal-to-mothers/, especially for anyone who has ever lost a child.


For all my Australian friends...



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