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Cousins Day, December 2007


1 January 2008

Unfortunately 2007 is ending on a somewhat sad note, which, considering the kind of year it's been, may not be particularly surprising.  I had to send a note to Ashley telling her that she had to find a new home for one of the puppies -- I don't care which one.  Chunk is just terrifying Half Pint and either I have to lock one or the other up all the time, or I have to supervise them all the time. 

The Video of the Day gives a bit of a taste and I let the video run a bit longer than I should have.  The kind of behavior you see toward the end has escalated in the last three days.  It used to be that they would play together nicely (as they start doing in this video) and then Chunk would get over-excited (as she does in this video) and start really hurting Half Pint.

But now there is no 'play' at all.  As soon as Chunk sees Half Pint, she takes off after her.  When HP showed bite marks on her stomach yesterday, I realized I could never leave them alone together any more.

Chunk had a trial meeting with a prospective new family that went as bad as it could possibly go.  The little girl fell in love with Half Pint and Chunk was so jealous she attacked Half Pint several times and scared the little girl.  Half Pint is now in permanent protective custody, either in the playpen, cage, or my arms while Chunk is elsewhere.  Chunk now sleeps in the playpen, as she always has, and I just let Half Pint sleep on the dog bed and give her the run of the house at night.

Chunk, of course, doesn't mean to be mean--she has just become too big and too powerful and a little Chihuahua/Doxi can't quite match her strength.

So I'm hoping that tomorrow someone will volunteer to take one or the other of them.  I love them both, but I just don't want Half Pint to suffer any more, and I sure don't want to keep one puppy caged up all the time either!

Having decided that 2007 was, for the most part, pretty much of a disaster, I'm looking forward to a much improved 2008, though how hanging a new calendar on the wall can change things, I really don't know.

The Santa Barbara crowd returned home late last night (12/30), around 11 p.m.  I didn't even see Phil because he's been sick for 3 days and he just crawled out of the car and upstairs into bed.  Apparently it was a successful trip, with having another Christmas with the So. California Sykeses.  Jeri brought her flute to play for Grandma, which I know pleased Grandma no end.

The last day of the year passed quietly, with Phil spending all morning in bed while Jeri brought him food and orange juice.  He got up around 2:30 and the two of them took us to lunch, which was a lot of fun.

He looked ok, but came home and went right back to bed.  Poor guy.  They were supposed to go to a party in Oakland tonight, but Phil is too sick and is staying at home and Jeri is going by herself.

As the year winds down, Walt and I are headed off to the home of some friends who live nearby for our annual low-key New Year's eve gathering.  We will probably be home by 12:30, because we're all a bunch of old farts and staying awake until midnight is about all we're capable of doing! you all!


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