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17 February 2008

Turner Classic Movies was having a Katharine Hepburn film festival, which I turned on in the morning, in the middle of Lion in Winter.  It was followed by Woman of the Year, Pat and Mike, The Rainmaker and On Golden Pond.  Since I had a temperature of 101, I slept through most of all of the movies, waking up now and then to catch small chunks of the movies.  It was surreal.

If I felt better, I might try to create a single movie plot line out of what I saw -- perhaps something about Eleanor of Aquitane hitting golf balls over a lovely pond -- but I'm afraid my "clever genes" are on hiatus until I get through this whatever it is.

Someone asked if it was the norovirus which had swept through England last year.  From what I read about the norovirus, it sounds like the plain garden-variety intestinal flu, so perhaps it is.

The vomiting stopped mid-night last night but the diarrhea lasted well into the morning and I learned that if I had the nagging suspicion that I was going to need to rush to the bathroom, I'd better do it now.  I started keeping a change of clothes in the bathroom because it appeared I had no control whatever.  (Endorsement:  It's true what they say about Febreeze air freshener, you'll be pleased to know.)

Somewhere around noon, I had a call from my mother, calling to report that my aunt Barb had slipped into a coma (she was hospitalized recently with pneumonia and they finally put her on hospice care), and wasn't expected to live.  It's very sad, but at the same time a relief for all.  With hospice care, she was taken off a lot of the meds that they were giving her to try to make her better and she actually recognized my cousin Kathy as her daughter recently.  It was as if it was the last gift she could give to her, since she hasn't recognized anybody in well over a year.

Walt took Bissell up to Petco, where the puppy spent the afternoon and was very happy to come home again.  He and Lizzie chased each other all over the house and yard for a long time.  Definitely "too jumpy for a sickroom!"  (Where is that quote from?)

Even before I discovered how high my fever was, I had decided not to go to see Orpheus-X this evening, but Walt decided he wanted to go, so did.

I have all the strength of a limp dishrag, but have managed to drag myself to the computer twice during the day to check e-mail and put this journal entry together.  Even compulsives get sick.

My friend Jeri (our Jeri's godmother) says she had this at Christmas and that it is "highly contagious," so I expect Walt will be showing signs of it in a day or two, especially since he finished my meat loaf and thus ingested whatever germs I may have had.

My fever was finally down to normal by nighttime and I was able to drink a little broth--I hadn't had anything to eat all day.  It's amazing how something like this zaps your energy in such a short amount of time.

I hope tomorrow (2/17, as I am typing this on 2/16), 'cause I'd hate to be sick on my birthday.

A couple of notes to round this out.  I was going to wax eloquent on turning 65, which I am, but I just don't have the energy to do it.  So let me direct you to my friend Sian's blog, which is 3 days old and has the potential of being an interesting look at a part of the world few people will have an occasion to visit.

Also, Suzy, who is one of the good people, wants to shave her head, in memory of an 8 year-old named John, who lost his life to leukemia.  (She did this last year too.)  Here's a link if you want to donate and help her meet her goal!

Now all of you play nicely and I'm going to crawl back to my recliner and back to sleep again.



I still look like this.


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