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27 December 2008

How many adults does it take to feed a baby who doesn't want to eat?  Four.  One to hold the spoon and shovel the food in, one to make funny faces to distract the baby, one to eat a bowl full of big people food to make the baby want to mimic the adult, and one with a camera to record it all.

A big dog passing through is also helpful, but you have to be careful that the baby doesn't spit the food stored in her cheeks onto said dog.

We're learning the ins and outs of raising Bri. 

After her two days of excitement and exhaustion, she didn't sleep much at all last night and so all three of them looked exhausted when we arrived around noon.  Bri was slow to wake up, and grumpy as well.

She was not much interested in the rocking zebra we gave her for Christmas, and not even much interested in the new playhouse she had received from Santa.

But she eventually woke up and enjoyed playing with the jellyfish ornament she had picked out for the Christmas tree.

After the excitement of getting almost all of her lunch in her, we all packed her up in her new Radio Flyer wagon (they sure look different these days)...

...Laurel loaded the empty space with toys and a blanket, and off we went to the grounds of a nearby school.

Laurel walked in front to take pictures from that direction; I took up the rear to take pictures of the whole group in movement (an unphotographed event doesn't really take place, you know!)

We had a nice walk, and spent some time lounging on the lawn for awhile.  Laurel was careful to make sure Bri had something on her head and commented on how silly it was to worry about sunburn in the dead of winter!

I, of course, was pleased to see that my granddaughter is already showing an interest in photography.

(There are some fun videos to be edited, but I'll worry about that tomorrow at home.) 

After the walk, Bri finally went down for a nap and from the looks of them, Tom and Laurel were hoping for one too, so we left and went to visit with Walt's mother.  We are leaving for home tomorrow but we're going home having had the best Christmas present of all...two days playing with our granddaughter.  It's been great!





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