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21 December 2008

I was unwittingly very rude the other day.   It was the day I went to see Australia with my friend Jessica.  We were coming out of the parking lot and two people were walking toward us.  Naturally in the light of outside I couldn't see either person's face.  Jessica made some sort of greeting to the woman and the woman walked on.  I thought she looked somewhat familiar but, as I said, I couldn't see her face at all, but figured she was an acquaintance of Jessica's.  Jessica turned to me and said "That woman acted like she knew you."

Instantly I knew who it was ...or thought I knew who it was--a woman from Walt's office.  But the moment was passed and I didn't remember her name anyway, so I couldn't turn around and call her.   But I came home and described her to Walt  and when he was next in his office he asked her if I has "snubbed her" and she said I had. 

He explained about my problem and she understood, of course.

There are times when being half blind is a good thing.  Today we went to the Farmer's Market.  There are lots of craftspeople displaying their wares, hoping to snag some sales for Christmas, but of course I can't see them without looking closely, so I am not tempted by something catching my eye as we walk past.

Ashley had asked us to bring Nicki to the market because there was a woman who has adopted other special needs dogs she and was interested in Nicki, so we were dropping her off before Walt took me to my hair appointment.  I got all teary at the thought that this might be the last time I'd see Nicki, but ultimately the woman thought she was too big and didn't take her.  Ashley says she still might be "talked into it" but I want somebody who is going to fall in love with Nicki for herself, not be talked into it!  How could you not fall in love with this little girl?

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Walt dropped me off at the Y2K Nail and Hair Salon.  I usually have my hair cut at whichever cheap place I happen to be near.   But the last time the haircut was so bad, I wanted Robbie again.  Robbie first cut my hair at one of those cheap hair cutting place (or I never would have known about him).  You can't not notice him.  Not only does he look like Hagrid from Harry Potter, but since Hagrid was played by actor Robbie Coltrane and this guy's name is "Robbie," it was hard to convince little kids that this wasn't the "real" Hagrid.

Robbie was fired from the place where he first cut my hair and moved to another place.  He cut my hair just before I left for Australia.  Then I had my hair cut again in Australia and after that I learned that Robbie had moved on again, so I went back to the cheap places.

The last time I had it cut it was horrible.   The woman was delightful.  And seemed very, very thorough (i.e., she took longer to wash and cut my hair than anybody in a long time).  And while cutting my hair she talked about the special skill needed to cut curly hair.  I expected I was getting a top notch job.  And, of course, I'm half blind, so I couldn't really see what it looked like when she finished, except it seemed longer than I'd asked for.   But I'm a wimp.  I never make waves. 

When I got home I could see that it was a horrible haircut and though I had asked her to take off about an inch and a half, if she cut 1/8" I would be very surprised.  I struggled with finding Robbie or trying another cheap place and I finally decided I would pay the big bucks and go back to Robbie.   He cuts Ellen & Shelly's hair and they told me where he's working now.  As he started working on my hair he asked "who cut your hair last time?  This is a terrible job."  I told him that was why I was back in his chair.

I am happy with how it turned out...

haircutRobbie.jpg (119327 bytes)

I had told Walt I would call him when I was finished and so I did, but he didn't answer his phone, so I left a message saying I would be walking toward the park where the dogs were. 

That was a good and a bad thing.  I passed by a baby shop I didn't know was there and naturally I went in.  And I bought more stuff for Bri, including my very favorite gift for her period.  If I find out someone else has already found it and given it to her I'm going to be sooooo disappointed.  It is absolutely the perfect gift, for something that isn't stamped with any 49er logo.

When I got back to the park, Ashley told me that Nicki had not been adopted and that Walt had gone home about 15 minutes before.   I called him on his cell phone and the house phone again and still no answer on either, so I sat and waited awhile and then called home again and he answered.  He said he would be down to pick me up.

I bought some kettle corn because I was hungry and because I'm always tempted to buy kettle corn and never do, and I stood in the street eating my kettle corn and waiting for Walt when someone across the street waved at me and said something like "I see you eating your popcorn."  Naturally I didn't have a clue who she was (she reads this--so I apologize!) until she came all the way across the street when I could see her again.  We talked a bit and wished each other a Merry Christmas.

I'm now wondering how many other people I have passed by without greeting them because I just don't see them!  January can't get here soon enough.

Oh--and we came home with another dog.   This one is Twix, who is about Nicki's age, and Sheila's size.  Ashley asked if we could keep her for a couple of days and that she would take care of her after we leave for Santa Barbara on Tuesday.  So far all the dogs seem to be getting along all right.

And Nicki is VERY happy to be "home" again.  She really, really, really hates (a) being on a leash, and (b) being out in the park with other dogs.


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