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25 August 2008

Mealtime.jpg (38191 bytes)First of all, after all these weeks/months, Scooby (the one in front here) has finally found a forever home.  We were so pleased to come home from Ned's last night and get the message from Megan.  I've been so concerned about him because he really needed somebody special who wouldn't rush him, who would help him learn to trust, as he had only just begun to do with me (and it always took a step backwards whenever I took him to Petco and left him for a day--it would take a few more days to get that trust back again).

But Megan describes his family this way: 

Mom, dad, 2 kids (13 and 15) and a 3 year old 25 lb mix breed female dog. Mom works from home so she is with the dogs all the time.  Scooby loved their other dog.  Their other dog was very scared when they rescued her (she came from Katrina) so they hired a dog trainer to work with her and she is now very social and doing great.  They brought along their trainer
today and helped them introduce themselves and their other dog to Scooby so he felt comfortable.  Scooby seemed to really like them and was even
hanging out with the husband.  They understand that he will need time to come out of his shell and they are willing to give him all the time he needs.  I think it will be great for him having a work at home mom and the trainer will come over 3 times a week to help them out and make sure he adjusts well and is happy!  He will be in the house all the time, but does have access to a fenced yard and will sleep with mom and dad at night (unless the kids get their way and he will sleep in one of their rooms). The family lives right by a lake and he will get to go on many hikes and walks.

Scooby was such a special dog to me that it brought tears to my eyes to read what an absolutely seemingly perfect home he has found.  I wanted my little boy to be happy, and I'm sure now that he will.

That leaves only Freddie.

Fredsolo.jpg (54425 bytes)In truth, I am very much looking forward to Freddie's departure.  He's a very sweet, very loving little puppy who obviously worships me -- and that's the problem.

He has become very territorial.  He loves Walt and runs to the front door to greet him, wagging his tail, jumping up and begging to be petted.

But if he's in my lap and Walt comes to pet him, he growls, snarls, and tries to bite him.

I don't remember when he started being the "King of the Hill."  As the smallest of the four dogs, he was always looking up to all of the other dogs, even Scooby.

But one day a week or so ago, he was sitting in my lap when the other three dogs were around and it must have suddenly occurred to him that he was now BIGGER than the other dogs.  At least he towered above them.  That was the start of what we called "King of the Hill," and which I thought of at first as kind of cute.  Whenever any of the other dogs came near him he would suddenly turn into Freddie the Ferocious, and bark and bark and bark.

But then it got serious and he started a fight with Sheila, who could easly eat him in a couple of bites.  I tried to get Freddie on his back, in a submissive position and teach him that this was not permitted.  That ended that particular fight, but since then, Freddie has been in full challenge mode.  He's either in my lap or on my chair and he threatens any of the other dogs that come near him.

Last night, I was sleeping in the recliner, Freddie was sleeping on me and he chased Lizzie out of the family room twice (she usually comes in and joins us, sleeping on the other recliner, but not last night; he wouldn't let her.

So it's time for Freddie to move on to a forever home, and Megan tells me that will probably happen on Monday.  This means that both foster dogs will have been adopted before we leave for Santa Barbara, which is great because Ashley, who will be living here, will only have to deal with Sheila and Lizzie and her own dog(s).

Photos from yesterday's party--all 86 of them, mostly karaoke photos, are available in slide show format here ... and be sure to check the video excerpts (both the "video of the day" and the second video on YouTube, which is much longer)



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"Please, Mom.  Make him go away..."


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