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15 August 2008

Twitter is getting a lot more buzz as the up and coming social networking site.  I feel so "trendy."  I've been on Twitter for months.  Twitter is a place where you let people know what you are doing throughout the day in 140 characters or less.   (A very funny video is "Twitter down for Hitler," which I have posted in "Look at These Videos!" over in the left hand column--it will mean more to anybody who has ever used Twitter and experienced the various site outages.)  An entry that is exactly 140 characters is called a 'twoosh' (yeah, it's all kinda silly).   The idea, of course (at least for me) is to make it as entertaining as you can in 140 characters.  So I thought I would record my entire day in twooshes for an entry.  Here we go:

  • I am trying to write only "twooshes" today and to collect them into one blog entry at the end of the day. Should make for a good challenge.

  • Woke up to shocking headline news: Julia Childs was a spy. Heavens-- that's common news. I heard that years ago. Why such a big deal now?

  • Grey haired old man on The Today Show. Shocker--it's Mark Spitz. I remember seeing him in person after he won the 7 gold medals. I'm old.

  • Must take the puppy to the vet this morning. It's time for a snip job on those little balls. Maybe he'll finally stop humping everything.

  • http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ has become one of my new favorite blogs. I'm a former cake decorator and some of these look like my cakes

  • Puppy was dropped off for trip to the vets. Now I'm going to go to Kaiser for a blood pressure check. Doctor started me on meds a week ago.

  • Meds must be working. My BP at the doctor's was 136/90 a week ago; today, after a week on meds it was 129/70. Doctor is going to be happy.

  • What's that weird headgear the fencers wear? It looks like dressing up for a walk around the Space Station. Like the flashing lights, tho.

  • Is there an Olympic sleeping event? I'm in training. Took a 1-1/2 hr nap this morning, after taking pup to Vet. I missed the real Olympics

  • If you're a fan of song parodies (I am--I write them) you'll love this web site: http://www.amiright.com/parody/misc/.    Some funny stuff there.

  • Walt is buying smoke alarms. We can't get approval for new a/c system til we have smoke alarms in every bedroom. 1 on each floor isn't enuf.

  • Michele's ques of the day: "Have you ever been invited backstage?" Seemed a silly question to me. I sometimes feel like we LIVE backstage!

  • MSNBC reporter, who claims never to have tasted Peking Duck, says you can get a whole duck in Beijing for $2. Guess they have two buck duck!

  • My advice: If you're going to walk on a treadmill, don't put on sweatpants when it's 100 degrees outside and walk at 3 p.m. I'm just saying.

  • @OzaMeilleur -- I am going through a blueberry phase too. A great way to fill your body with antioxidants! Too bad I don't have a balcony. 
    (this is in response to this tweet from someone else:  "Going out on the balcony, with a pint of blueberries, to thumb through books I borrowed from the library. Must take in more sun. Loving it!")

  • My kids used to talk about "facial discracial" all the time. Never knew til today that it came from vollyball terminology. Live and learn.

  • The Democratic convention takes place the week before my daughter's wedding. I've asked her nicely to reschedule. She says no. Selfish kid!

  • John McCain: "In the 21st Century nations don't invade other nations." Uh..? Remember that little business in Iraq? Was in all the papers

  • My afternoon of peace is over. Time to pick up the neutered puppy and bring him back home again. Then off to a meeting with @kariapeterson
    (when you use the @ sign in front of someone's name, then they can find out that you've written something about them)

  • Good meeting. I actually learned a lot about things I've been using and doing for many years. Too bad I didn't have this meeting 5 yrs ago.

  • Finished leftovers for dinner--"something with rice in it" for him, leftover chili for me. That means I'll have to cook something tomorrow.

  • I'm seeing more and more of the manga avitars. Pretty soon we won't have anybody using his/her own face any more. I do like the one I made
    manga.jpg (33926 bytes)

  • OK-- I'm calling it a night; going to watch Olympics. I've done my entire day in twooshes, 140 characters exactly. Pressure's off tomorrow


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