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10August 2008

Nobody would ever call me a knowledgeable sports buff, but I have watched my share of Olympics coverage (however the U.S. decides to do it) over the years.  I've seen Bryant Gumble and Bob Costas at the helm and now suddenly there is this Jim Lampley guy who looks like he should be doing some sort of financial news show rather than hosting the Olympics.

Oh, Costas is still there, or at least was Olympic stadium during the opening ceremonies, so it's not like he's gone, but every time they cut back to the high-haired, tight jacketed Lampley, I feel out of sorts, like I've stumbled into the wrong room and can't quite get my bearings.

NBC has promised "live" coverage of "all" events but already in the first day I'm angry with the coverage.  

While the Olympics may be all about nationalism, I hate the fact that we are shown ONLY American athletes.  You'd think that only Americans were competing in the men's gymnastics tonight.  If we are to be shown "live" coverage (even if it's 2 days delayed), why aren't we shown the entire event?

I watched the first men's freestyle swimming this afternoon and the commentators have identified the American swimmer and nobody else.  Who are these guys who are hitting the wall first?  Who are the guys who aren't in the front?  Why do we know only who the American swimmer is?

I also hated the promos going into the Olympics.  Is this the year Michael Phelps will bring home a record number of gold medals, more than any athlete in Olympic history? And if he wins 8 gold and 1 silver, there will be endless discussions of the "tragedy" of Michael Phelps who "only" won 8 gold medals.

phelps.jpg (29310 bytes)

If there is any bright spot in all this media orgy, it's that generally when they interview one of the super athletes who has either won the medals or lost what they were expected to win, we find that they are humble, grateful to be at the Olympics and already looking toward the next competition.

I hate the hype.  I wish they'd all just shut up and let the athletes compete and let the chips--and the medals--fall where they may.

But this is what comes with the 24/7 news cycle mentality that we have developed.  We seem to feed on as much speculation, hope, innuendo and gossip whether it's sporting events or political contests.

I am slowly giving up watching the nightly talking heads that I followed so closely for so long.  It is one long continuous same news stream from. until 6:30, when I'm rescued by Jeopardy.  The same stories, the same guess work, just different people.  "IF" seems to be the most used word  these days.  We have four months to go before the election and each night the slightest thing is discussed to death.  If McCaine frowns or Obama smiles too broadly it will be discussed ad nauseam as to what exactly it means and how that is going to play into the election.

The polls change nightly.  If McCaine sneezes, the polls go down because people worry about his health.  If Obama gives a good speech his polls go up because he's inspirational.  And the talking heads, with nothing better to do, grasp onto every single cough, smile, sneeze or speech like a drowning man looking for a lifeline.  There will be teams of people to discuss if that was an allergy sneeze--and can we possibly elect a man with allergies to the White House.  Of Obama smiles there will be a discussion about his dental work and whether his dentist had any connection to Black Muslims.

obamamccain.jpg (44374 bytes)

C'mon, people!

For those who watched David Gregory on The Daily Show, he and Stewart joked about just this sort of thing.  It's gotta be hard for the 24/7 guys to keep things relevant, but really...maybe it's the two year election cycle this time, but enough is enough!

There is, unfortunately, no news on the puppy front.  Neither Scooby nor Freddie found homes today.  I was able to trick Scooby into getting a leash on, though.  I hid it under the blanket on my recliner and just waited for him to jump into my lap, which he did around 10 a.m.  So I attached the leash and just let him wander around with it dragging.

Scrappy thought it was a great toy, though, and played tug of war with it, dragged Scooby around the house with it, and finally just sat and chewed it for about half an hour. 

scraptub.jpg (36299 bytes)

It eventually became like a pacifier and he was dozing off, slowly, still chomping on the leash.

Scrapsleep.jpg (36836 bytes)

When we got home from Petco, Scooby wouldn't come near me again for about an hour, when he finally curled up under my feet again and I was able to gently reach down and unclip the leash from his neck.  It's going to be interesting to see if I'll be able to trick him again on Wednesday for Farmer's Market.


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