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9August 2008

8/8/08 was supposed to be the luckiest day of the year, if you believe that sort of thing.  Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket.

I didn't notice anything particularly lucky about the day, but I did set out to record my actions for the Flickr 888 group.  It was not particularly exciting.

The dogs woke me up around 6:30 a.m.

wakeup.jpg (35061 bytes)

Actually that was kind of lucky.  I found I couldn't keep my eyes opened around 10:30 last night and went right to sleep, so I'd slept about 8 hours.  THAT almost never happens!

I performed the morning ablutions

brushteeth.jpg (38298 bytes)

And had my new favorite breakfast:  cottage cheese with blueberries.

breakfast.jpg (44729 bytes)

I was going to spend some time on the treadmill, but did something when I turned suddenly and wrenched a muscle in my back (my lucky day!).  I couldn't walk for a couple of hours, so took some Tylenol and sat in the recliner for awhile.   But when my back started feeling normal again, I finally got on the treadmill.

888Treadmill.jpg (43719 bytes)

I had planned all day to take myself to dinner at the Putah Creek Cafe, since I was driving out to Winters to review Twelfth Night.  The Putah Creek Cafe is right across from the Buckhorn, a nice, but very expensive steakhouse.   But I had gone to the Putah Creek Cafe when Walt's friends were here and it was really a nice place, so I had my mouth all seet for Putah Creek Cafe food.

Fortunately I decided to check their web page before I drove out there and they close at 3 p.m.  I thought about where else I might go and then saw the roast pork in the fridge, so I just sliced off a couple of pieces, added tomatoes and that was dinner.

If I had gone to the Putah Creek Cafe, I would have missed the call from Megan, telling me that she could no longer keep Freddie because he makes such noise when she is gone that her neighbors complain and could I possible take him back.  Oh heck...what's one more (except this one poops around the house).  So Freddie came back just before I had to leave for the theatre.

FreddieBack.jpg (42897 bytes)

I made the dogs all promise they wouldn't kill the puppy in my absence and I drove out into the country for a delightful production of Twelfth Night.   I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the fact that the twins who cause such consternation because they look so much alike that everyone (including the woman who married one of them) is aghast when they realize there are TWO of them actually look like this:

twins.jpg (42979 bytes)

So, to recap this day, I wrenched a muscle in my back, didn't get to go out to the dinner I'd been planning all day, ended up with one more puppy, and had to sit on a rock wall for two hours watching Shakespeare because I didn't know I should have brought a chair.

Not the worst day ever, but I don't think that I'll look back fondly on 8/8/08 as my luckiest day ever!



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