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26 April 2008

It's so late as I write this that it is actually April 26th (so let's all take a moment to wish Jeri a happy birthday, OK?).

It seems a very long time since I put on two pairs of black long pants and headed to the Sacramento airport yesterday morning.

Perhaps I should explain.

I slept with all the dogs last night, three puppies in my lap in the recliner.  I woke up around 5 or so and started to prepare to leave on our whirlwind trip to So. California.  We were going to two days' worth of tapings (i.e., 4 shows) of "Says You," flying down in the morning of Friday and returning the evening of Saturday.

Since all I really own in the way of pants is sweats and my "good" black velveteen pants, I chose the latter and got dressed (a whole 'nother story--try keeping 3 puppies downstairs while you shower upstairs!).  We still had an hour or so before we were taking off for the airport so I worked some (of course) at the computer and the puppies would. not. leave. me. alone.  They were desperate for affection and kept pawing at my legs so vigorously that I was afraid they would tear a hole in my only good pants, so I decided to put on a pair of sweats over the velveteen.  This worked quite well.

Until, of course, we were backing out of the driveway and I realized I was still wearing two pairs of pants.  But I decided to keep them on, in case I spilled something on myself (a definite probability!). 

I knew the second we stepped off the plane in LA that I was waaay overdressed.  It was probably mid-80s, and not only was I wearing two pairs of pants (one of which were sweat pants), but also a lovely wintery top which has long sleeves, and was way too hot.

Thank god for air conditioning in our rental Kia (which is very red!)

We found a restaurant ("Tom's Family Restaurant #7", which promised "Tom's Better than Mom's") and had a not-better-than-mom's burger, then checked into our motel.  Walt took a nap, I took off my sweat pants, checked e-mail (love that wi fi!) and finished my book.

We decided neither of us was hungry, so we headed up to the Skirball Cultural Center, arriving shortly before 7 to join the people already lined up to get their entree into the hall where the evening's "Says You" episodes were being taped.

The hardest part is the waiting.  Not too long to get tickets, but it seemed like forever before we were allowed into the hall.  Since we had made arrangements to meet panelist Tony Kahn, host of WGBH's "Morning Stories," as well as "Says You" panelist, at the break between the two shows, we sat in the second row directly in front of where Tony would sit with fellow team members Francine Achbar and Barry Nolan.

Tom Bergeron, host of "Dancing with the Stars," a fan of "Says You" and friend to several on the panel sat directly behind us and, we learned later, in the row in front of us was the producer of "Desperate Housewives."

There was one seat empty in our row and a woman asked if it was taken. I told her it was not and we started chatting.  I had the sneaking feeling it was Tony Kahn's wife, producer Harriet Reisen, with whom I had had some communication.  She began asking questions about where we had come from and if we'd been to a taping before.  Almost at the same time we said "Are you Harriet? / Are you Bev?"  So it was delightful to watch the show with her.

It was an even bigger surprise when the mic checks began and each panelist was to introduce him or herself and make a few wisecracks and the first thing Tony said to the crowd was "Is Beverly Sykes here?"  I think he intended that to be a jumping off point to talk about the transcription we've all done for Morning Stories, but he got sidetracked when he noted that I was sitting next to his "lovely wife Harriet Reisen."

As always the show was fun--hilarious in spots.  Look up Rhinotillexomania, if you want to increase your vocabulary.  And while you're at it, toss a few nobbins at the busker on the corner.  We learned a lot about interplanetary trivia, I know what a "white dwarf" is, and I'll bet you don't know that Dan Rice was the model for Uncle Sam (and that he was also a professional clown who once ran for president...so, you see, GW wasn't the first after all.)

It will be fun to relive this all when the recording comes out through Audible.com in a couple of weeks.  (Though I'm betting that the 5 minutes that the host (Richard Sher) was missing during the middle of the show will have been edited out, though it was very funny, as he explained that the elevator didn't want to work and so he was unable to return from his bathroom break!)

At the break between shows, I finally met Tony Khan up close and personal.

I've "known" him via the internet, "Morning Stories," and the interview he did with each of the transcribers for "Morning Stories," so it was like meeting an old friend you had never seen in the flesh before.

The taping ran so late that we left without saying goodbye, came back to the motel and went to Denny's to get a very late dinner.

Tomorrow we head back to Skirball for the taping of another two shows, then back to Davis before nightfall.  As I said, this is a whirlwind trip, but lemme tell you--it sure is worth it!

But I have to figure out what to do with my sweatpants, which won't fit in the suitcase.  I sure don't want to wear two pairs of pants around Burbank all day!




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