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29 September 2007

Call me wild and crazy...and perhaps a touch narcissistic...but I decided to make a mirror site for this journal.  Funny the World is a journal.  Airy Persiflage is a blog.  The difference is for people who want to subscribe and not take the extra step go find this site, but have it brought to them on their iPods or cell phones or brain waves of whatever format they use to subscribe to blogs.  Of course they miss the fun stuff in the left column that way...

Airy Persiflage just duplicates what I write here, but for those who have complained that they don't read this because they can't subscribe to it, now there are no excuses.  I fully expect to have a reading audience of thousands by the end of the week (yes, I'm kidding).

The phrase comes from The Mikado, where KoKo is contemplating his impending execution and his friends begin to joke about it.  "Is this a time for airy persiflage?" he asks. 

I took the term as a title when I wrote an Erma Bombeck-wannabe column for a local newspaper years and years ago.  The column never quite lived up to what I had hoped to accomplish.  I discovered that Erma made it look a lot easier than it really was.  I wrote a couple of columns that didn't suck, but mostly they never even approached the quality of the stuff that Erma churned out each week. 

But I've always liked the title and, if Paul hadn't died, giving me the idea for choosing a Lawsuit song for the title of this journal, I would probably have named my journal "Airy Persiflage."  Now I can have the best of both worlds.

Mabel seems particularly cute today.  I don't know if she's really that cute, or if it's just that wistful feeling, realizing that she's going to Petco tomorrow and, if anybody has any sense, she'll find a "forever home" and we won't see her again.

The nice thing about having a singleton puppy, especially as they start getting bigger, is that Lizzie has a new playmate.  When they first get here, they are too little and she often hurts them, briefly.  But as they gain strength, especially if they are as feisty as Mabel, they think they are one of the big guys.  One thing I've learned--dogs have no concept of relative size!

I can't count the number of times Mabel has yelped when Lizzie nips her and then turns around and leaps at Lizzie, to  continue play. 

I watch the three dogs file out the partially opened sliding glass door (I've shut off the dog door until Mabel leaves because I really don't want her in my office, so I just leave the back door open all the time) and it looks like The Three Bears going for a walk.  First goes Sheila, then Lizzie, and then Mabel taking up the rear.

The big dogs get treats when I leave, and when I come back.  Mabel has figured that out too and she sits and waits for her own treat.  It's so cute watching these three pal around together.

Part of me hopes that she won't find a "forever family" her first time out.  I'd like to keep her a bit longer, but the younger she is, the better her chances and who could resist that cute face?  I want her to have her own family...but I'm enjoying "borrowing" her for right now.


"Just when I got all settled here, Mom's going to send me away!"


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