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24 September 2007

When Walt is out of town, I rarely leave the house.  No place to go, nothing really to do, no shopping needs to be done.  But this weekend, I've had two (count 'em) nights out.

Saturday I was scheduled to review a show called Dirty Story at Capital Stage, the theatre on the Delta King riverboat.  I decided to make a video to explain how the evening went (because visual aids are better in a video!), so you'll have to watch the video of the day, linked in the left column.  Things didn't go exactly as planned.

Today was the day to see A Patriot Act again.  Mike & Char drove up from the Bay area, we all met Richard & Michele, who had driven down from the foothills, at the theatre. 

I spent the morning cleaning up a bit to get ready for Mike & Char's arrival.

(trying to work with the speed of 2 people)

The theatre company has sped up the admission process, which I complained about in my review.  Performances also seemed tighter.  Char and Richard opted to be on one of the juries (the jury which decided the "war crimes" charge), while Mike, Michele and I were observers.

(I took stage shot with my cell phone
before the start of the show)

The end result was different this time around.  Opening night, Bush was found guilty on all charges.  This time the "treason" charge had a hung jury.  He was "guilty" on the other two charges.  Char, of course, was the foreperson on her jury.

Rich and Pat met us at the theatre after the play was finished and all seven of us went off to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner.

"I hate eating with old people," Char laughed as the conversation turned to aches and pains and various medical procedures.  But it is always nice to get together with all of these people I love so much...even if they are all so much older than I am. 

When we finished dinner, I drove Mike & Char back to Davis to get their car, I came in to feed the dogs (Mabel, especially, was very hungry) and then settled in to watch Part 1 of Ken Burns' The War.

And so ended this Day In My Life.

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