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23 September 2007

You may or may not have noticed that the smiley up there in the screen of the video camera on the masthead changes each month (what?  You didn't notice?  And I spend all that time trying to make them "season-appropriate" for you??)

I was trying to figure out what to use for September.  Last year I didn't use a smiley at all, but had a San Francisco masthead.  The year before I wasn't changing the smilies every month.

But I looked long and hard for the smiley for this month and discovered that there aren't many like what I was looking for.  In fact, this was the only one I could find.

It's a bit indistinct in the logo and you probably can't see it clearly because I reduced the size.  Here...does this full size picture help?

Now why do you suppose that I decided to use this particular smiley as the logo for this month?

Because this is what Tom and Laurel gave to Walt's mother on her birthday...

Yes, God willing, in April of 2008 Tom and Laurel will bring a grandchild into the family.  They've had false alarms in the past, but this time it appears to be the real deal.  Nice strong heartbeat and, Tom says they have had their second ultrasound and "Baby doing good! We saw the arms moving and everything!"

Part of me wants to be so excited I'm bouncing off walls, part of me remembers earlier disappointments, so I'm taking a "cautiously optimistic" and "cautiously excited" attitude for the moment.  I also don't want to be an overbearing prospective grandma and become an annoyance.

After Tom told me, I've been tearing the house apart.  When we learned that a baby was not coming before, I stumbled across something on the internet.  There was no baby to buy it for, but I figured there would be eventually. I didn't know if I would ever stumble on this particular thing again and it was just so perfect that I went ahead and bought it.

Of course it's two years later and in this house if something sits somewhere for two weeks it becomes invisible.  So I've been looking everywhere for days trying to find what I bought.  (Not only could I not find "it" but I couldn't even remember what "it" was!) 

I finally found it.  But I have to wait until we actually see them, because I want to be there when they open the gift.

Hey, guys--guess what?  I'm going to be a grandma!

(if you thought I've been obnoxious with puppy pictures and videos...just wait...)

The above was written September 1, waiting for Tom to give the go-ahead to release the news.  They wanted to make sure that everything was really looking good.  But now they have had their 12 wk ultrasound (at left; the Photo of the Day was from the first ultrasound they had) and everything is still looking great. 


Have you ever seen a more beautiful baby?
(yes, I intend to be totally obnoxious about this!)



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