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21 September 2007

It's too bad that we are attracted to journals/blogs written by people that we generally agree with, because I'd love to think that linking to this article would have an impact on some of the opinions of people who read Funny the World, but I suspect you're all here because you share my views.  Still it's one really good article!

It talks about the "gay agenda" and makes such good sense.  Here's a lengthy excerpt:

The Nazis chose a symbol that had once represented peace. That didn't make them a peaceful group of people. Conservatives can use the name of Jesus and the sign of the cross, but it doesn't mean that their hate-mongering has anything to do with being Christians.

And now, the even sillier reason to hate gay people: 'cause you think gay sex is unappealing. You can call it "gross," "disgusting" or just plain "icky," but the fact is, these are also adjectives that have been used to condemn heterosexual intercourse.

Think back to being a child, to the first time someone told you what sex was. If you were anything like me at age five, you thought, "Why would anyone want to do THAT? I'm never going to! Ewwwww!"

Sex is icky. In the abstract, sex is like sticking your finger up someone's nose. It's roughly equivalent to chewing up some Cheetos, spitting into a cup, swapping cups with someone and eating each other's chewed-up orange gunk. The only difference is, there's no biological imperative to stick your finger up someone's nose or eat someone else's chewed-up Cheetos.

Take a look around. Is there a gay man on your street corner, asking you, "Hey... wanna turn gay? All the cool kids are doing it!"

Now, listen up straight men - it's time to get over yourselves. You are not so devastatingly attractive that setting foot in the Bistro is going to get you gang-raped. If a gay guy flirts with you, the rational thing to do is be flattered and politely decline. Realize that a gay man probably finds you attractive for the same qualities that draw the attention of straight females. So act the way you would if a girl hit on you, but you weren't attracted to her. You don't see women going postal every time a guy winks at us, and we're way more likelier to be raped than you are.

But, like I said, I'm probably preaching to the choir here.  At least I hope I am.

Here in California, Arnold is about to screw the gay community yet again.

The legislature has once again passed a bill which would allow gay people to marry in California, and Schwarzenegger has once again declared that he is going to veto it.

The photo was taken of Ellen & Shelly at a rally held at the capitol a couple of days ago (I didn't go this time).  There were similar rallies held in 17 different cities across the state.  The Governor says that to sign the bill would go against the will of the people who, in 2000, voted down the whole marriage idea ... but that was seven years ago and there has been significant progress in many people's hearts and minds since then.

But once again, the state government is going to tell gay people, like Ellen and Shelly who have been waiting literally decades, that they aren't worth equal rights, that their love can't be legally acknowledged, that they have to do with a few special rights that are doled out piecemeal here and there, but that they can never enjoy the same rights that their married and divorced and remarried neighbors enjoy.

It's time to concentrate on the real problems of the day and stop obsessing about to whom people are attracted, to whom they wish to make a lifelong commitment.  I wish people spent half as much time working to insist on accountability from those in power, on finding an end to this goddamn war than trying to suppress gay rights yet again.

But The Terminator will once again terminate discussion on the issue of "gender neutral marriage," and people like Shelly and Ellen, who have been together nearly 35 years (more than 10 years longer than the governator himself, by the way) will have to wait until next year to try again to ask politicians to please let them legally marry.

PS to yesterday's entry:  Dan Abrams tonight (the eve of the Senate resolution condemning the "Betrayus" ad) commented that it was ironic that we are trying to bring free speech to Iraq while at home our government is voting to suppress it.  I'm sure the irony of that will be lost on everyone who voted to condemn today.




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