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19 September 2007

The dust bunnies on the floor were threatening to band together and set up a revolt.  No longer "bunnies," they were now growing into at least the size of gophers.  It was time to get out the broom, but that provided logistical problems.

As soon as the broom came out, Mabel's eyes lit up and she attached herself to the brush part.  If I wanted to simply mop the floor, it was very effective.  She was hanging on for dear life no matter how I moved the broom around the floor.  I finally picked her up in my arms and tried to sweep while holding her, but she transferred her full-mouth hold to my arm.  I finally put her outside and closed the screen door.  She began to try to eat through the screen until Lizzie and Sheila came into my office and she began to investigate that magical hole in the house where dogs disappeared.  (As I type this, she has just about figured out that she can get into my office through that door.  My peace is over...)

Mabel is a sweetie.  But she is a sweetie with teeth.  Sharp teeth.  Her idea of interaction with anybody is to open her mouth and clamp down hard.

It's really too bad because it's difficult to cuddle her.  She's so active and so playful that any time you pick her up, all she wants is to chew on whatever body part she can find.  She made up a variation of the "chew the finger" game today.  She was in my lap and would make a flying, mouth-open leap for my face and try to grab hold of my cheek.  Needless to say, she didn't stay in my lap very long!

I bought her a couple of little chew toys this morning and she loved them, for all of 30 seconds before Lizzie stole them from her and took them outside.   But Mabel found one of the plastic bottles the other two love to gnaw on and carried it around for awhile.

She has no concept of size.  She will run in front of Sheila, who towers above her, and start growling and barking.  Sheila looks at her like she can't believe it.  But then, when Sheila is lying down, Mabel will use her as a climbing structure and Sheila lets her, until she tries to bite her.

I've been cross with Lizzie for growling and snapping at Mabel, from time to time, but I finally decided that she's probably just as tired as I am of those razor sharp teeth sinking into her leg.  I've decided to just let her keep giving these lessons in doggie etiquette, since nothing I've tried seems to be working!


No this isn't just looks like what I see of her!


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