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17 September 2007

Somewhere around 10:30 p.m., the announcer said "stay tuned for more Emmy awards" or something to that effect.  I thought she said "day two for more Emmy awards."  It just felt like it was going into the second day.

It's too bad that all the "old hands" at awards shows, the ones who don't really take it all that seriously and are the most entertaining on stage, come when you are really, really tired of the newcomers tearfully thanking everybody they ever met in their lives.

Don't get me wrong, I love the award speeches.  I miss the old days when shows like this went on until the wee small hours of the morning and gave out awards for everything in the one night, so that the guy who rewound the tape in the projector could give a 5 minute speech thanking his mother for all her support.

No more.  All the awards go to either people or shows that you know, or at least have heard of.

All you sports nuts have your SuperBowl, your NBA Playoffs, your World Series.  I have the Emmys and the Oscars.  I love awards shows.

I miss the outlandish outfits, though.  But it sure is nice to see old fashioned glamour.  Was there ever anybody more gorgeous than Katherine Heigl, with just the proper touch of humility, embarrassment, giddiness, and sincerity accepting her supporting actress award for Grey's Anatomy

The awards were spread out nicely, with no one show taking the brunt of the awards, The Sopranos getting a decent share of accolades, without taking it all. 

I do better with the Emmys than I do with the Oscars.  I rarely see any of the nominated movies in a year, but I am familiar with almost all of the nominated television programs.  I did throw all my eggs in one basket and sat through Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, only to have all the attention going to Broken Trail instead.

I just loved the Jersey Boys' tribute to the boys from Jersey in the Sopranos salute.  Having just seen Jersey Boys, I could definitely appreciate the music and the juxtaposition with clips from Sopranos.

Ryan Seacrest seemed never to have seen Lewis Black's rages before.  Black was right on with his complaint to networks for advertising that disrupts the show you are watching (don't you wish you had a pop-up blocker for TV shows?)

In most of the categories, I didn't have any strong opinion about who won, since most of the shows I watch were competing with each other and since I like them all, it would be like picking your favorite child.

I was a little disappointed that Kyra Sedgwick didn't win for The Closer but I love Sally Field too.  Very strange that they cut off her speech when she began to mention the war.  I'm not sure if it was the subject or if it was that she was about to say "goddamn."  They also censored the Family Guy opening number and Ray Romano. But it was on the Fox network, after all.  And we are living in an age of censorship.

Every single nominee in the supporting actor for drama was an actor whose work I like, so I had no favorites, but it was nice that it went to Terry O'Quinn for Lost, since he's never won before.  I was kinda sorta mildly rooting for T.R. Knight, just because of all the controversy over his being outed by fellow castmember Isiah Washington, but I'm happy with O'Quinn's win.

I was also a little disappointed that Tony Shalhoub got beat out by Ricky Gervais for actor in a comedy series.  The Office, though Ned loves it, is one of those shows (like Ugly Betty) that I have been unable to get into.  And I love Monk, but then Shalhoub has won in that category countless times so it's not like he has been slighted by the Academy.

A weird moment was when they gave the nominees for "Guest Actor and Actress in a Drama," an award which had been given out the previous night.  The guest actress, Leslie Caron, then came out to present the next award, but they never DID announce who had won the award for Actor.  (I had to go to Google to find out it was John Goodman.)

Ryan Seacrest ran the show the way he runs American Idol and did a good job.  The show was done in the round, which avoided the problems of sets and all things considered it was a fairly decent awards show.  I'm sure critics will tear it to pieces tomorrow, but for tonight, I'm satisfied.




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