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Cousins Day, September



15 September 2007

A few days before Cousins Day, I had a call from Kim, at the SPCA, saying that someone had called and wanted to turn in an orphaned puppy who was "about 2 weeks old."  We didn't know anything about the puppy except that the mother had been killed by a car.

I got the little dog carrier fixed up, figuring that if there was only one and it was so little, it would need the security of a nice dark place, a teddy bear, and a heating pad to keep one end of it warm, since it wouldn't be able to snuggle up against a bunch of siblings.

Kim was going to bring the puppy by in the morning after the woman who called dropped it off at the SPCA thrift shop. I alerted my mother that I would have a newborn with me.

The next morning Kim sent an e-mail saying that the woman was a no-show.

Yesterday, Kim wrote that the lady had called again and still wanted to turn the puppy in, and could I still take it.  I said yes and that I wouldn't hold my breath this time.

Well, believe it or not, the puppy arrived.  A little girl, but much too big and mature for a newborn (according to the report she would have been 3 weeks old, but this puppy is at least 4-5 weeks old).  They have just been giving her formula, but I would have started her on mash a week ago.

They were calling her "Princess," but I usually change the names if I'm going to have them for any length of time.  We were on our way out to see The Pirates of Penzance and the name fit her, so she is now Mabel (so far, she seems to be a soprano!)

Kim had reported that she was a "lab mix" and figured she probably had a lot of pit in her, but she actually seems to be more lab than anything else, except she has a tail that curls up and over her back.  Her legs also seem very long, though it could just be that the white leggings make them seem longer.

The woman who found her was mother of 7 children, so this puppy has been handled a lot and I figured that leaving her alone to adjust to the house would be the best.  And it was.  She desperately wants to be with DOGS.  Lizzie has snapped at her a couple of times, causing yelps, but she is Lizzie's shadow.  I've watched her gallop the length of the house and then leap over the door and out into the back yard following Lizzie.  She is a bit more tentative with Sheila, but will sit under her and bat at her with her paw.  Sheila is very patient.

At dinnertime, I fixed her a bowl of mash with some formula and she scarfed it down in nothing flat.  No way this puppy needs formula, though I'll add it for a couple of days until she gets the hang of it, since Kim brought new formula anyway.

We fixed up the playpen for her, which she is NOT happy about being in.  Like a true soprano, she is very loud in expressing her displeasure, but we were at the theatre anyway, and she had stopped complaining by the time we got home.

I don't know how long she'll be here, but probably until it's time for her to go up for adoption.  We are going to Petco tomorrow to check out our now 9-week old babies, Tattoo, Goro, and Sopa, who should be up for adoption for the first time.




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