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14 September 2007

I always loved fairy tales, even the grim tales of the Brothers Grimm and the fanciful tales of Hans Christian Anderson.

However, when the grim and fanciful tales come from the Oval Office, it's not so much fun.

Can anybody look at that "What Me Worry?" face with the perpetual smirk and think that anything that comes out of that mouth is accurate?

Can anybody name the "37 countries" which make up the coalition forces?  Nobody on MSNBC could (including Sen. Joe Biden, who was being interviewed).

Does it sounds believable to you that our "coalition forces" are killing "an average of 1,500 insurgents a month"?  That's over 13,000 insurgents killed since January.  Does that strike anyone else as totally unbelievable?

The objective has changed so many times we've about come to the point where if there are only 4 car bombings a day it will seem a "victory."

"The government" has asked us to help maintain the order.

Can anybody tell me what "the Iraqi government" is?  Isn't that what we're waiting for?  For an "Iraqi government" to actually take charge.  With whom are we negotiating our open ended commitment to the country?

The man in the Oval Office might just as well have been reading one of the Grimms' fairy tales and it would have made as much sense as the bit of tall tale that he spun this evening.

It would all be laughable if we weren't approaching the 4,000th American death, which the tall tale tale teller assures us has all been "worth it."  Tell that to the parents who are burying one of those brave soldiers and listening to the lies coming out of the White House.

OK--maybe they aren't lies.  I think they are better described as beliefs.  His nibs truly believes that all those deaths are worth it.  He believes the fantasy that we are in a war that can still be "won." 

I wonder if the smug tale teller in the Oval Office watched James Gandolfini's interviews with the people who are being affected by the policies that are being pursued in the name of this fantasy.  ("Alive Day Memories")

Probably not.

But thousands more will leave body parts in Iraq, or have their body parts (if they can find them) packed into boxes to be shipped home (but never photographed, of course) to grieving families.  These soldiers will suffer post traumatic stress disorder, if not for the rest of their lives, at least for a very long time.

It's a "small price," says GOP House leader John Boehner.

I wonder how many kids he has fighting this war.


It's a small price to pay...


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