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13 September 2007

After unearthing that marvelous "police" note from Ned the other day, I decided to see what other hitherto undiscovered treasures lay in my file cabinet.  I pulled out another envelope and in it were papers in my father's handwriting, so I took everything out and discovered a treasure trove (see Photo of the Day).

For one thing, there was the newspaper with my sister's obituary.  She died 9/13/71 and this paper is from 9/17/71. An interesting thing about the paper is that on the same page there is a little article headlined :Mrs. Diane Feinstein enters race."  It details the then-member of the Board of Supervisors' decision to run for mayor.  She is described as "38, a slim matron with flashing blue eyes who was the biggest vote-getter in the Board of Supervisors race two years ago."  She lost that election, but, of course, stepped into the position after the assassination of Mayor Moscone in 1978.  And the rest is history.

For some reason, the envelope contains my grandparents' marriage license (or a facsimile thereof) and a copy of my grandfather's death certificate, where I learned, for the first  time, that my great-grandfather (whom I always assumed had come over to this country from Ireland, as had my great-grandmother), was actually born in Massachusetts.  I also discovered my grandfather had Parkinsons at the time of his death, which I didn't realize.

But the most interesting thing was that my father had started a sort of genealogy, hand-written, which is very brief and only contains things that he apparently remembered of his relatives.  He listed his father's siblings and their occupations, which I copy here mainly so I won't forget them myself.

1. Stella.  I never realized my grand grandparents had a daughter.  She was apparently born first, but "died at an early age."

2. Frank - a shipyard worker.

3. Charles -  an electrician

4. Ray - Professional Boxer (Bantam weight.  Later assistant manager for the Palace Hotel in San Francisco)

5. Walter - a rover.  Loved country life.  Worked as miner, road construction, but mostly in agriculture, especially in rice industry - garage man for Larry Barrett.

6. Fred - 6 day bike rider, motorcycle racer and car racing.  Chauffeur, garage man for Larry Barrett.

(My grandfather also worked in Larry Barrett's garage (which is in the heart of downtown San Francisco), and his death certificate lists him has having been the manager there.)

The list then shifts to my grandmother's brother:

Leo Legler (Nanny's brother) was a hunter and fisher and general outdoorsman.  He took wealthy sportsmen on guided duck hunting trips and acted as teacher for them - managed and owned several hunting clubs.  Loved all firearms and owned many.

Then there's the "begot" page

Albert & Pearl West begot
Albert Jr.

Joseph & Mae Legler begot
Pearl and Leo

Leo Legler & Alma begot
Marian (later Grace Gould)

Mae Bohen (later Legler and Mrs. Lackie)
Jenny Bohen (later Beck, Mrs. Charles)
Loretta Bohen (later Mrs. John Kidd)
Jim Bohen ( ? )

Jenny (childless)
Loretta (Alma)
Theresa (Raymond, Aloysius_
Edna (Mrs. Leonard Bauer)
Lorraine (Mrs. Leo Butler)

There is a page of birth dates and a page of death dates and then a slip of paper I would love to know the meaning of.  I copy it here...

Bee & Teddy Mills
Tobine      De Young
Two Mansions    Calif. St.
     Chauffeur - Cook
Playroom       Wealthy Kids

Adjoining apartments 1740
Raspberry Jam - Plain Cake
English Tea

Walter Simmons - Butler
Suite St. Francis Hotel

Fred chauffeured for Wm. R. Hearst - S. Simeon to L.A. 
Fred took the lead.

No chance now of asking my father what he intended to do with these notes, but apparently they were important enough that he kept them.  Now it will forever remain a mystery.

I wonder what other mysteries lie hidden in the drawers and boxes around this house.


(My sister's obituary is circled--she died 36 years ago today)


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