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Cousins Day, September



12 September 2007

"I can't make jello," one of us confessed at Cousins Day.  She talked about how she had tried throughout her children's childhood and had never been successful in getting it to set.  She had recently tried again, having been given a "foolproof" method by someone.  "I even put it in the freezer, but it just looked like something our kids brought in out of the sandbox."

"Well, I can't make pancakes or waffles," confessed another one. 

"Not even using Bisquick?" my mother asked.

"Nope," she replied.  "Not even with Bisquick."

Yes, another Cousins Day has passed into the annals of history.  We agreed, as we drove away from my mother's house, that each time we get together the tone is different, but each time we get together it's very, very special.

Again this month there were confessions -- some as trivial as what we can and can't cook -- and some more serious.  There were tears.  There were family memories.  There was food, liquor and cards.  And mostly, as usual, there were lots and lots of laughs.

We agree that the four of us have established such a trust level with each other that it would be difficult to share this special thing we have with other cousins.  We don't mind if other cousins want to join us, and we'll have a special extra cousins' day for that purpose, but we want our cousins day to stay as it is:  just the four of us.

This time Peach introduced us to a new card game, called "Six Pack" (no, it's not a beer drinking game!).  We played one game and my mother and I both decided we didn't like it nearly as much as our standard, "65," and so we have agreed that we'll play one game of six pack during each cousins' day, but "65" will remain the gold standard.

Guess who finally got the boob...?

I put on the iPod playlist that I'd made of 40s and 50s music, which was great fun because we could all sing along with the tunes.

We were celebrating my mother's 88th birthday.  Kathy brought a beautiful multi-course dinner that included a shrimp cocktail and a delicious chicken dish.  Peach brought stuff for champagne cocktails...

(She had to finish her vodka & tonic so she
could start her champagne cocktail!)

I had made a Paul Deen pound cake.  [aside:  you know what?  I love Paula Deen's style and her ingredients but I have yet to follow one of her actual recipes that I liked.  I was disappointed in this poundcake.]

Then there were gifts.  I had given her two new (very difficult puzzles), Peach gave her some slippers with a daschund on them and Kathy had made a scarf in her favorite colors.

After dinner there were more cards, more laughs and then, one by one, we retired to our respective corners of the house and called it a night.

In the morning, there was a serious discussion about the train trip we (the 3 cousins and our 3 spouses) have planned to Washington, D.C. next year.  Circumstances have changed for some of us and we ultimately decided to call the trip off.  Fortunately, Kathy's husband made certain that we took out trip insurance in case something like this happened, so we will get most of our money back.

All too soon, it was time to pack up and leave.  Our next Cousins' Day will be at the start of next month, leaving Peach and Bob available to spend most of the rest of the month with their grandson, who will be home on leave from the Navy for three weeks.

We have already decided that next month we will be having jello-making and pancake-making lessons!

(Who says Cousins' Day isn't productive?)


(A card my mother got from one of her friends!)



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