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2 September 2007

I remember so well my uncle Bill's 70th birthday.  Seems like it was only yesterday.  We drove up to Bandon, on the Oregon Coast and we all stayed in an RV park.  Walt didn't come, but I went in the RV with my mother and her husband, Fred.  My friend Diane drove down from Seattle to meet me and spent the weekend with us.

A lot of the people there went out to the coast and caught fresh crabs and we had the most delicious crab feast for dinner.  Then we all sat around and told Uncle Bill stories.  His son (from a former marriage, whom I had never met before) had written a song for him.  My aunt Barb had no signs of the Alzheimers that would eventually steal her from all of us.

The realization of exactly how long ago that party was comes in two forms--looking at the photo of Diane and me, for one thing.


But the other thing was going to the 70th birthday party of Peach's husband, Bob, who ran Bill's 70th birthday so many years ago.

I've known Bob since both he and Peach were in high school. Bob is one of the original good guys.  He's a bundle of cliches, all true--he never met a person he didn't like.  He'll give you the shirt off his back and smile while doing it.  If you need someone to watch your dog, paint your house, or sit by your side at the hospital, Bob's your man.  Any cliche about good guys can be applied to Bob.  (Of course he's also ruthless at cards...but that's another story! The Black Side of Bob!)

So this surprise party was a real love-in for him.  It was put on by his kids, at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, both of whom bent over backwards to make sure that everything was perfect. There were people from all parts of his life, some of whom had driven long distances to help with the celebration.

Today's Video of the Day gives a better flavor of the party, since I took more video than still photos.  And I do recommend that you check this large photo on Flickr so you can read the text of the certificate Kathy made for him.




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