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1 September 2007

Our directions were to drive to Novato (about an hour and a half from here), take a certain turn off, go to the second stoplight and look for the restaurant that used to be a Denny's.  We were meeting Walt's brother, Norm, for lunch.  He was headed down to Santa Barbara to do his own stint visiting their mother (and will be there today, for her birthday).

We found the restaurant instantly.

The real sign, "Chez Pierre" is actually significantly smaller, but I wanted to show how fancy it looked.  A sandwich board on the sidewalk described it as a "French-American" restaurant.

It was a Denny's with delusions of grandeur.  The "Please Wait" sign was the same, but the carpet was thicker.  The booths were the same, but the upholstery was plush.  The display case where you used to find jello bowls in iridescent colors now had bottles of wine.  There were table cloths on the table, but they were covered with butcher paper.

But the thing that got me the most was the menu.  It was one of those nice, heavy plush menus that you'd expect in an upscale restaurant, but when was the last time that you could go into a restaurant and order from an extensive burger menu....or opt for escargot?

(I was disappointed they didn't have an escargot burger!).

My "California burger" was a study in excess.

Even removing the pickle and the lettuce, it was still too big to fit into my mouth.  Tasty, tho!  And we were amused that our fancy burgers came with the same old bottled condiments.

(Jeri said her ahi tuna burger was tasty too.)

When lunch was finished, Jeri and I went to the bathroom and discovered that there, too, they were trying to be all things to all people.

It was definitely a different experience.  I've never been in a Denny's that was trying to be a fine, fancy French restaurant before!

And in case you wondered, this is just my opinion of the Senator Craig case:  a part of me hopes that he really didn't do anything "wrong" and that he's not gay, because wouldn't it be the perfect squelch for the most anti-gay Senator in Congress to suddenly discover what it's like to be gay, to be arrested on suspicion, to lose your job because you are suspected of "doing something wrong."  And if he is gay, then I hope he thinks long and hard about the harm he has done to others like him.

Most of me just wishes the 24 hr news media would go back to reporting about the war in Iraq and dirty tricks in the White House and leave the sex scandals alone for a change.  Enough, Already!!!




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