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28 October 2007

The "rainbow puppies" turned one today.  Remember them?  We had

At the SPCA Christmas party last year, we handed them over to the family that would take them until they were ready for adoption.  They were the hit of the party and all the kids there wanted to hold them.

As it turned out the woman who had the mother and the other half of the litter adopted one of the puppies (Not ours--she had "Orange," now named "Shasta") and her neighbor adopted another.  So they decided to have a big birthday/reunion for the puppies and all the 2- and 4-legged people in their lives.

I baked cookies to take for the 2-legged people (someone else was bringing cookies for the 4-legged people).

At 2 p.m., we headed over to the Toad Hollow Dog Park and what pandemonium we found.  Not only was there our group, but the city had also planned a dog park Halloween party as well, for a couple of hours after our party, so there were dogs in and out of costume everywhere.

It was absolutely terrific that all ten of the litter of puppies came, with their new families.  Nine of the puppies still live in Davis, one lives in Vacaville (I'll never try to visit; I'll get lost!)

The dogs ran themselves ragged while the adults tried to point out their own dogs and try to remember what their puppy names had been and I searched pretty much in vain to separate out "our" puppies from the rest of the pack.

Carmen, their Mother, brought each of her babies a birthday dog cookie.

And Ashley showed up with a puppy for us.

Rupert had been dropped in the night drop box at the Animal Shelter two nights ago.  He had contusions on his nose and seems to have suffered head trauma.  They don't know if that has caused any neurological damage or not, but so far he seems ok and just desperate for loving, which makes it challenging doing any work on the computer!

As for what happened after we got home from the party, there is a whole journal entry in that and you'll have to wait for tomorrow to get it.



Mom is circled.



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