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9 November 2007

We don't have a lot going on this weekend, at least no more than usual, but I am in a state of discombobulation this week.  I don't know why, except it probably has something to do with being off-kilter because of Michele's death.

Peggy said she didn't understand why this death has thrown me for such a loop because she was under the impression that Michele and I weren't all that close. 

She's right.  We have really not had much to do with each other in several years, not for any particular reason, but just "life," I guess, for several years.  We've both been busy, she didn't do e-mail all that much.  Walt and I have been saying we were going to drive up to their place and visit, but never did.  So why has this been such a huge passing for me?

I've been thinking a lot about that lately.  I think it is partly because this is the second death in our Pinata group.  It was Bill last year and Michele this year--and who will it be next year?  Me?

Or maybe it's this shitty year and wondering what else can go wrong.  Jan-Feb was devoted to my mother's accident; Feb-March was devoted to Walt's mother's various hospitalizations.  We have had five deaths within The Lamplighters community, two of whom we knew very well and considered friends.  My cousin Kathy had a mini stroke.  Peach's husband Bob was in the hospital for several days with a serious infection (these two events forced cancellation of our trip to D.C. together next year).  My mother's best friend had two surgeries and was very ill.  My computer broke down.  Twice.  The bathroom flooded.  And as I write this, our computer network appears to be out.  Other tragedies have happened to friends as well.  And then there is the mess in Washington.  I won't even go there!

So maybe that's why this is upsetting me so much.  Maybe it's one more straw on the camel's back.

A weekend like this wouldn't normally seem so overwhelming, but somehow the logistics of it all have my head spinning.  It starts simply enough.  We go to see (and review) Brigadoon on Friday.  I must remember to get the review written that night even though it's not due until Tuesday morning, actually, but it may be the only chance I'll have to write it.

Saturday afternoon we go to a memorial service for Dario Montoya.  I didn't personally know Dario (Walt did), but he was the 15 year partner of Roger Pierson, a casual friend from The Lamplighters.  Roger is holding a memorial at their apartment out near the ocean beach in San Francisco.

Saturday night is opening night for Zero Hour, Jim Brochu's award-winning one-man show about Zero Mostel.  I complained to Steve that tickets were too expensive and I wondered if there was a "friend rate."  His response:  "You don't have to pay, idiot!"  So we have complimentary tickets to the show and champagne reception following.

Sunday we are meeting Tom in the Bay Area.  He is flying up for Michele's memorial.  We will spend the night at my mother's in San Rafael.  Should be interesting, as Peach and Bob will be there too.  One big slumber party!

On Monday morning we go back to Oakland, pick Jeri up (she flies in at 11 p.m. Sunday and will stay with a friend that night) for the memorial, following which we get Tom to BART so he can get to the SF airport to fly to New York.  We take Jeri to my mother's to spend the night.  I have to drive Walt home and turn around and come back the next day with my cousin Kathy for Cousins' Day, during which time I will drive Jeri back to Oakland to catch BART to the airport for her flight back to Boston.

And in the middle of all this I'm still trying to write on my NaNoWriMo novel and post a video a day to NaVloPoMo.  I also agreed to write a blog post a day, which is really cheating since I'd do it anyway.

However, in the midst of all this there are little gems which make it all worthwhile.  I got my article about the upcoming production of Noises Off to my editor, who wrote back, saying: 

"Another VERY nice piece.  Man, I wish you did all my Spotlight cover stories. What a delight. :-)"

Now THAT really made my day!

If you don't know Tom Lehrer, be sure to check the "Look at these Videos," a veritable treasure trove of Lehrer recordings!

Also, this is a cool site for all of us old-timers.


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