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7 November 2007

I never liked roller coasters.  I've only ridden a very few.  During college, I rode the one in Santa Cruz and vowed I would never go on another one.  When we took our first Brasilian group to Marine World, Eduardo talked me into going with him on one and I discovered that my opinion of them had not changed with the passage of all those years.

I've ridden the Matterhorn in Disneyland twice, both because someone else wanted to ride on one and I was being companionable.

Emotional roller coasters aren't as life-threatening, but are no less un-enjoyable. 

Well, let's say that the lows of the emotional roller coasters aren't any fun.

I was riding the emotional rollercoaster yesterday. 

Michele's son, Eric, dropped by on his way home from his father's house to give me some photos to scan for a slide show for the memorial next Monday.  It turns out that today would have been Michele's 41st wedding anniversary and, of course, her memorial service is being held on what would have been her 65th birthday.

(This morning I received one of those automatically generated reminders from Jacqui Lawson greetings cards reminding me that I need to send a birthday card to Michele.)

I thought I had kind of become inured to seeing all those old photos and, for the most part, I had.  The occasional picture did tug on the heartstrings and one, in particular caused me to chuckle.

This is a PhotoShopped picture from Richard's surprise 50th birthday party, back in 1981, and it is actually kind of cheating.  The dancer, Brandy, was stark naked ("starburst" added by me for modesty's sake).

This was the party at which every guest wore a nose and glasses, including Richard's 80-something year old mother, and Brandy, who, it is reported, wore only shoes and the nose and glasses.  Only in this picture she was NOT wearing the nose and glasses, nor was Michele.  However, I doctored it up to give both of them the proper look.

So I was really doing more or less OK with all the photos until Eric was getting ready to leave.  Then he handed me a little bubble-wrapped item with my name on a pink piece of paper paperclipped to it.  He said he had found it on top of the refrigerator in Michele & Richard's house.  It's nothing earth-shaking.  It's just a bottlecap with a rhebus puzzle inside that I think Michele and I talked about at our last dinner together (with the Blackfords and Joneses). 

I had already been in kind of a blue funk for most of the day, but this was the the thing that pushed me over the edge.  My "last gift" from Michele. I burst into tears and Eric and I stood there holding each other and crying.

However, I said that this was a rollercoaster day.  I'd been trying to get out of this depression all day, and it took my #4 child to make the world bright again.

It was a simple e-mail sent from Tom's Blackberry that actually had no content at all, just a title.  The title?

"It's a girl."

One life ends, another begins.  I went to sleep with a big smile on my face, thinking about my soon-to-be-born granddaughter.

....and then, of course, since this is a roller coaster, today we spent 6 hours at Kaiser.  Walt's wrist is not healing properly and he had to discuss possible surgery.  Ultimately, he decided against it.  It will result in a bit of loss in range of motion after the wrist heals, but he decided he didn't really want to deal with the whole surgery business, if the end result wasn't going to be too terrible to live with.  We laughed about how, at 67, he didn't have that many years to put up with it anyway.



With Walt's arm out of commission, I have to put his socks on for him.


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