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31 May 2007

Peach, the family historian, brought two archival books she had put together to Cousins Day. 

Our Uncle Roger ("Scotty") was a prisoner in a German POW camp during WW II and his second wife had turned over all of his stuff to her after his death. 

There was the telegram sent to his first wife informing her that he was missing in action, and then the follow-up telegram telling her that he was a prisoner.

There were maps of Germany showing where his plane had been shot down and where they had been marched during their times as prisoners.  There were German papers that had been filled out when he was captured.

There was a photo of him from Life Magazine after his return to the States.

But most special was this little book:

The cover is corrugated cardboard, as if it was cut from a box and the pages inside are like tissue paper--apparently it was toilet paper.  On the pages, he recorded the names and addresses of the guys in his unit (some had X's on them, and we wonder if those are the ones who died when the plane was shot down).  But he also recorded the forced march that they made shortly before they were liberated by the Americans

The whole collection was very special and Peach is saving everything for his grandson, who does not hold the family in good favor right now, but she hopes that eventually he will want this history of his Grandfather.

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